Tyler Pratt's Facebook Traffic Cash Review: Can It Help You?

Tyler Pratt’s Facebook Traffic Cash Review: Can It Help You?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Tyler’s Promises

Tyler Pratt promises his sales page visitors that he’ll show them how to get the most targeted traffic on Facebook through the methods he teaches in his Facebook Traffic Cash training. He claims he made more than $1,000 in 24 hours using the methods taught in his Facebook Traffic Cash training, and that he accomplished that without a list and a website. His says he’s going to reveal the underground method that enables him to legitimately steal the most targeted traffic available online without the knowledge of his competitors. He says his method works so well you’ll only need to work 20 minutes per day to see results with it.

I’m not in partnership with Tyler Pratt to market his Facebook Traffic Cash for affiliate commissions. This is just my attempt to objectively provide insider information for my reading audience, who are probably considering buying it.

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Summary: Facebook Traffic Cash Review

Tyler Pratt’s Facebook Traffic Cash is only a bunch of theories intended to showcase and market his upsells. Within the eBook, there are links to web tools that Tyler wants his customers to use. Those web tools cost money recurrently, which Tyler hopes to benefit from, and you might not be prepared for that much expense.

However, if you’re a very advanced internet marketer and can look beyond his theories to fill in the blanks, you’ll probably make money with it. The problem is that most folks aren’t advanced enough to find any use for a product that simply teases them to make them spend more money. See the details in the main body of the review.

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I Bought Facebook Traffic Cash

After I bought it, there were two upsells, which I passed up. After I passed them up, I bumped into them again in the members’ area.


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Cost of upsell

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Another upsell

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Cost of another upsell

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Mostly Theory

The Facebook Traffic Cash training material is a 19-page eBook with mostly theory. In it, Tyler Pratt theoretically talks about