Turnkey Profit Machines Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

Turnkey Profit Machines Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

By Danyon T. | Negative Reviews

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Turnkey Profit Machines Review

What’s Up Ya Internet Marketing Fanatics!

Let’s cut straight to the chase – Today, I’ll be reviewing Turnkey Profit Machines by Stefan Ciancio, Simple Spencer, and Greg Kononenko.

They’ve made a bunch of typical internet marketing claims on their sales page; they say that this product will teach you “How You Can Build A PROVEN $10,000+ Per Month Profit MACHINE – Even if you Have NO LIST, No Product and No Experience or Tech Skills.” They also say that this product is 100% newbie friendly, and is a set-and-forget type system that requires very little work yet reaps a ton of rewards (in the form of fat wads of cash mulah’). They also say that they’ve included a $33k case study that took only 2 months to generate. They say that it’s “A REAL System That Shows REAL People How To Effortlessly Make Extra Online Profits!”

Meh, all of the typical claims that include making money online with little work and in a short amount of time with no experience or online assets required. Nothing the team here at Stopping Scams haven’t heard before. Let’s see if their product can deliver on their overhyped sales claims.

We Don’t Take No Crap Around Here

The Stopping Scams team are not affiliated with Turnkey Profit Machines or its creators. We have dedicated our whole entire lives (not really, to be honest, it just sounds way cooler if I said that) to writing real, honest, authentic reviews that educate ya internet marketing fanatics on the sea of fluff that’s out there. Every now and then we come across an absolute gem, and we do our best to recommend those products to you guys and gals, but the majority of the time it’s just a bunch of fluff.

So sit back, grab some popcorn (or a cup of ice cubes if you’re a health freak like me), and enjoy the review.

Turnkey Profit Machines Review Featured Image

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Turnkey Profit Machines Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

If you can’t be bothered reading the whole review, and you just want the bitesize version, I’ve got you covered:

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this product to you guys and gals. While the business strategy they use might work in theory, in practice it’s completely different. The case study they’ve included is also a bit suspicious, as it’s not representative of the average experience of someone starting up an eCommerce store like the product claims.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Before We Get Into The Review…

I want you to know that I’ve reviewed a product in the past by Simple Spencer called Lazy Profit Explosions. Their sales pages look identical, and all of the over realistic sales claims they’ve made as well. Unfortunately, that product was absolute garbage.

Turnkey Profit Machines With Some Upsells And Downsells

After purchasing Turnkey Profit Machines, I was met with a number of upsells  and down sells of more generic internet marketing training including more “legitimate case studies,” done-for-you profit machines, and an invite to a webinar from a dude who apparently has made over $7 million using Turnkey Profit Machines.

Turnkey Profit Machines Upsell 1

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Turnkey Profit Machines Upsell 2

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Turnkey Profit Machines Upsell 3

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Turnkey Profit Machines Upsell 4

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Turnkey Profit Machines Upsell 5

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I hate this part of the purchasing process… such a hassle and just makes accessing the training a lot harder than it needs to be. After skipping all of the post-product purchase upgrades, I was taken to a membership site that looks a little something like this.

Turnkey Profit Machines Membership Site

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Keep in mind – at this point of the purchase, I was in the mindset that this was just going to be another crappy, overhyped, fluff-filled internet marketing product. What added to that mindset was the fact that Lazy Profit Explosions (which was also created by Simple Spencer) was garbage. After going through the training, my prior mindset was confirmed, and for a few reasons in particular…

It’s Not As Easy As It’s Presented to Be…

In theory, the strategy outline SHOULD work. It’s pretty simple really, take a look at the following screenshot to take a gander at their strategy that apparently can help you make 5-figures per month with little work and no experience.

Turnkey Profit Machines Overview

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Essentially, you find a hot and responsive market, create a Shopify store around that market, drive targeted traffic to your Shopify store, and collect their emails in the process so you can continually sell more products to them.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, in practice, it’s a COMPLETELY different story. The best way I can relate it is to weight loss – if you want to lose weight, in theory, all you have to do is eat healthy food and exercise (I know cause I’ve lost more than 70lbs over the past year and a bit).

However, those are just a bunch of words that anyone can say. An overweight person can say those words just as easily as a fit, completely shredded personal trainer with 18-inch biceps can say it. What separates the two, however, is the pack behind their punch… the amount of experience and wisdom that they’ve gained from going through the journey. And that brings me to point two…


Facebook Ads – Definitely Not For Newbies

The primary traffic-driving method that they teach their customers is through Facebook Ads. Essentially, what they say is to set up a Facebook account around your niche and Shopify site, then run some ads to your target market. If your ads fail, then cut the campaign. If it’s successful, then pump more money into that bad boy and scale it up like a boss.

Turnkey Profit Machines FB Ads

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Once again – in theory, it should work, but in practice, it’s a whole new game. The fact that they’ve even mentioned paid advertising in the first place to newbie internet marketers scares me; if you don’t know what you’re doing with ads, you can literally be shoving your cold, hard-earned, precious cash down a drain… just waiting for that turning point of financial freedom that’s unfortunately never going to come.

I’ve seen many people in eCommerce Facebook groups lose thousands (sometimes up to $10K) testing product after product, niche after niche in eCommerce without becoming profitable. You should have a reasonably large bankroll if headed down this path, and be in a position that you can afford to lose a lot of money to testing.

Now, am I saying that Facebook Ads don’t work? Of course not!

I’ve done my fair share of Facebook Ads research, and the common theme that I’ve come across is that you have to be extremely careful and know what you’re doing. Otherwise, you’re just going to be wasting a lot of time and money.

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Final Rating: D

Yeah, I’ll happily give this product the D (pun intended). For a few clear reasons:

  • Simple Spencer’s last product was crap.
  • The traffic driving strategy they’ve recommended is extremely dangerous for internet newbies without the proper training and a large bankroll, which is who they’re marketing towards.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

Comment Below If You’d Like To Know More!

As always, if you ever wanna know more about the products I’ve reviewed, or you just wanna get to know ya homie Danyon a little bit more, then comment below! The team here at Stopping Scams want to help you as much as possible, and we’ll do our best to make your journey as a successful internet marketer as breezy as possible.

Have a great day ya PJ-wearing, coffee-drinking Internet Marketing Fanatics!

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Marlena September 20, 2017

Hello- im wanting to make some money on line. I am a newbie and there are so many ways to go. I am afraid to get scammed. I came across your site and would love some advice on what sites you think are legit. Thanks

    Ian September 21, 2017

    Hey Marlena! The best place to start would probably be our 100% free training, followed by the highly-rated courses on the homepage (scroll about halfway down). I hope that helps!

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