TubeLoom Review: Make Up To $594 In 1 Day With Youtube?

TubeLoom Review: Make Up To $594 In 1 Day With Youtube?

By Danyon T. | Internet Marketing Advice

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Hey Ya Internet Marketing Fanatics!

It’s Danyon Togia back in the Stopping Scams hiz-house, and today I’ll be reviewing a product called TubeLoom created by Charlotte White.

Charlotte has made some pretty huge claims on her sales page – she says that with TubeLoom, you can make up to $594 in one day with this Youtube hack. She also says that TubeLoom will teach you a little-known way to generate a meaningful side income from home. Lastly, she claims that some of her customers are experiencing huge success with her program; her friend Susan claims to be using the same method and making an average of $300 per day, and her other friend Gary is making $400 a day on average using TubeLoom!

Wowzers! Hundreds of dollars a day all from the comfort of your own home using the ol’ Youtube, eh? Sounds too good to be true. Let’s see if Charlotte can deliver a product that’s worthy of my recommendation.

Oh, And I Forgot To Mention – The only products that we promote are ones which deliver high quality, valuable internet marketing training to you that will help you in quitting your 9-5 job and begin making a full-time income from the comfort of your own home. Personally, I write these reviews as raw, blunt, and honest as possible. Sometimes, it even gets us into a little bit of trouble, or we lose a potential affiliate commission. Why do I do this, you may ask? Because I care about your success.

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TubeLoom Review Snippet

TubeLoom promotes the generic, low-quality, crappy strategy of making money through Youtube that every other crappy Youtube I.M. product is promoting. The video training has its pros and cons – it’s quite “over-the-shoulder” and gives you a sneak peak at some of the details, but it’s still too short and based on a terrible strategy. The sales claims are misleading as heck, and for these reasons and much more, I advise you NOT to purchase this product.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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TubeLoom’s Upsells And Downsells

There was only one product on offer after I purchased TubeLoom. This product is called “TubeLoom Step-by-Step Riches” which Charlotte claims it can help you create a 6-figure income in just 14 days.

TubeLoom Upsell

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After I declined this option, I was quickly offered the same product at a discount.

TubeLoom Downsell

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Already I can tell that TubeLoom is crappy by that terrible sales claim. I mean, 6-figures in 14 days? Don’t you think if that were possible, then TubeLoom would be more popular?

After skipping the upsell and downsell, I was taken to the TubeLoom membership site which looks a little something like this.

TubeLoom Membership Site

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I took a lil’ sip from my 2 liter water bottle and got down to business.

Firstly – TubeLoom’s Money-Making Strategy Is Terrible

Charlotte promotes a way of making money that many other low-quality Youtube products advocate, which is to create pieces of content about a product and stuff your affiliate link throughout it. She calls this strategy “Launch Jacking.”