Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Review: Who Does This Product Benefit?

Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Review: Who Does This Product Benefit?

By Ian | Positive Reviews

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Chad Hamzeh pitches his product as kind of an end-all, be-all for paid traffic training, but in this Traffic Blackbook 2.0 review I’m going to give an honest, unbiased opinion of his product, explain who it’s for and who it’s not, and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the program.

Chad Hamzeh on the TBB sales page

Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Review Summary

Can Traffic Blackbook 2.0 really be worth $197? Absolutely, but only if you already understand a lot of the basics of affiliate marketing and are now looking to get into paid traffic sources. Chad and his guest teachers cover an incredible amount of information – you could spend days in the members’ area just watching videos one after another for hours per day. You’ll learn a great deal, and have a pretty decent launching pad for your paid traffic campaigns. Whether it’s CPV (cost per view), Facebook advertising, retargeting, or more traditional channels like Google and Bing, if you watch these videos you’ll be pretty well prepared to launch.

If you’re a new internet marketer that’s still figuring out the basics, do not buy Traffic Blackbook 2.0. If you don’t have any experience putting together a website, producing content, writing at least a little sales copy, etc… then Traffic Blackbook is NOT for you. You should start out with something a little more basic – consider reading over this review if you fall into this category.

If you’re fairly experienced and are looking for great training for paid advertising and you think that Traffic Blackbook 2.0 could be the product you purchase, I highly recommend you at least skim over this entire review. There’s a lot of information in here that will protect you from buying the product if it turns out it’s not what you’re looking for.

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The Good: What I Liked About TBB 2.0

LOTS of High Quality Information: There’s an incredibly vast amount of information covered within the product. I mean, holy cow, just look at this screenshot I put together that shows all of the lessons:

Traffic Blackbook 2.0 review - Complete course curriculum

The entire course curriculum – Click to zoom

Good Job Covering Basic and Semi-Advanced Material: If you’re new to paid advertising, Traffic Blackbook 2.0 does a good job covering all of the bases from start to finish. You’ll learn about ad copy, landing page copy, building out campaigns, affiliate tracking, and all kinds of other stuff in between that will give you a really solid foundation for working with paid advertising.

Very Helpful Guest Lessons: A lot of these lessons in Traffic Blackbook 2.0 are taught by professional affiliate marketers OTHER than Chad, which is pretty awesome. Super affiliates and product creators like Mike Colella, Julian Farley, Peter Nguyen, and more teach segments that are very helpful and packed with great information if you’ve never been able to get paid advertising to work before.

Mike Colella teaching the elements of a successful display ad

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Retargeting Is Discussed Thoroughly: Many people getting into paid advertising don’t know what retargeting is, let alone how to use it. Chad brought on Julian Farley to help with this, who does a great job introducing members to retargeting and covers the essentials of a retargeting campaign.

Summary of the Good: There’s a massive amount of information in here, and everything from Facebook advertising to Google/Bing are taught in incredible detail. If you’re brand new to paid traffic, I have no doubt that you will really enjoy Traffic Blackbook 2.0.

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The Not-So-Good: What You Should Know Going In

Some Methods May Be Offensive: Are you really turned off by web pages that pop-up a message when you try to close it, then pop up several more with different levels of pricing, upsells, downsells, etc…? Well Chad Hamzeh’s a guy that uses those methods in some of his businesses, and although he makes it clear you can succeed without them, he teaches them pretty heavily in the section discussing sales funnels.

Not-So-Realistic Expectations: On the sales page for Traffic Blackbook 2.0, Chad Hamzeh says that he has had people begin earning $1,000 per day within two months in response to people asking how long it will take to start making a reasonable level of income. I think it should be made clear that these are not typical results and that this sets expectations unrealistically high.

Somewhat misleading sales claim

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The Tracking Section WILL Put You to Sleep: Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, the creator of a tracking software called Tracking202 ranging from $99-$570 per month, teaches this section and he is hands-down the most boring lecturer I have ever watched in my life. Keep in mind I went to a state university and have spent many hours of my life at conferences in the healthcare information technology, which means I know boring presenters, and this guy is up there. I was so put off by how non-engaging these lessons were that I purchased a competitor’s tracking software, CPVLab, rather than his because I felt like he did such a poor job presenting his own product.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe putting us all to sleep

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Newbies Need Not Apply: I really can’t emphasize this enough. If you’re new to internet marketing and still figuring out how to set up websites, create engaging content, etc… then Traffic Blackbook 2.0 is not for you. I feel like Chad Hamzeh targets newer internet marketers that may buy it without realizing how much trouble they’re getting into by starting paid advertising too early.

If these are the kinds of things you’re looking to learn right now, there’s still good information out there (for much less $$$ than TBB too) and I recommend you check out this review to see if that product might be a better fit.

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Traffic Blackbook 2.0 Final Grade: A-

If you’re really early on in your internet marketing career and don’t have a handle on a lot of the basics, TBB 2.0’s grade is more like a C or a C+, but if you’re not-so-new to this and looking to get into paid advertising, I’m not sure you could spend your money much more wisely. You’ll easily get $197 of value out of this product if you give it a shot and stick with your campaigns.

You’re given hours and hours of material, and you’re going to learn a massive amount of information. Hunker down, buckle yourself in and try your best not to fall asleep during Nana’s section.

If you’ve found this review to be helpful, the best way to say “thank you” and keep this site funded so that I can continue creating high quality, 100% honest reviews is to buy Traffic Blackbook 2.0 through my affiliate link if you’re going to purchase the product. If you decided to purchase this product largely due to this review, I would greatly appreciate that.

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