The Tube Equation Review: Can It Make You Youtube Rich?

The Tube Equation Review: Can It Make You Youtube Rich?

By Danyon T. | Internet Marketing Advice

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The Tube Equation Review

What’s Up My Internet Marketing Fam!

Man, I just finished a crazy gym session, I’m chugging down a banana and berry protein shake (with extra ice to make it more of an ice cream consistency), and I’m ready to give you another dose of internet marketing reality.

Today, I’ll be reviewing The Tube Equation by Mark Wightley. Mark has made most of the generic internet marketing claims you’ll hear about making money online in a fast manner with little to no effort; right smack bang on the top of the sales page is a big, fat headline saying “You Can Easily Start Building A $300 Per Day Auto-Pilot Income, In Just 5 Minutes From Now!… And Do It In Less Than 60 Minutes Per day!…” He says that The Tube Equation will help you achieve 1st place rankings “at will” on Youtube and Google, completely smashing over 3 million other competitors. He says that this system will help you to build a passive income system without having to:

  • “Wonder whether you will rank for a keyword – (Its Guaranteed.)”
  • “PPC ads, Facebook ads, banner ads or any paid traffic”
  • “Have an existing email list”
  • “Experience or any knowledge”
  • “Create a Product”
  • “Have lots of time to slave over your computer”

Yeah, just a bunch of generic internet marketing claims to lure in a bunch of aspiring internet marketers. Let’s see if Mark Wightley’s product can actually deliver on its dank sales claims.

Oh, and just so you’re aware – the team here at Stopping Scams isn’t’ affiliated with Mark Wightley or his Tube Equation product. Every single one of our reviews is written with honesty. If a product is crap then we’ll say it’s crap, even if it means we make less money. We believe that you aspiring internet marketers should have a reliable source of information that educates you on the sea of crappy I.M. products there are out there on the ol’ Interwebz, and we do our best to fulfill that job.

With that outta the way, let’s move onto the review.

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The Tube Equation Review At A Glance

The Tube Equation is another product to add to the “Do-Not-Buy” garbage can. Even though the training is extensive and well-detailed, it’s based on a bunch of theory with no practical/experience behind it. I did some further research into the examples Mark uses of his own “success,” and the results were extremely lackluster and misleading. The sales claims are misaligned as heck (you’re not going to be able to make a bunch of money in a fast manner with this product), it’s filled with overhyped expectations, and for these reasons…

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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The Tube Equation’s Upsells And Downsells With A Few Typos

There was only one upsell and one downsell on offer after the purchase of Mark Wightley’s product. The package contained a list building product, a video annotation training program, and more stuff that seemed relatively useless.

The Tube Equation Upsells 1

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The Tube Equation Upsells 3

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There were a couple of typos on the upsell page as well, which I thought was quite funny.

The Tube Equation Upsells 2

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“The Tube Equation Inviter Lading Page Builder!” Obviously, Mark Wightley didn’t have enough time to proofread his upsell pages because there were two or more of these typos throughout it. After skipping the upsell and downsell, I was taken to a fill-out page where I created an account, and then finally was taken to the main Tube Equation page.