The Super Affiliate Handbook Is Wearing A Mighty Fine Cape!

The Super Affiliate Handbook Is Wearing A Mighty Fine Cape!

By Luke T. | Positive Reviews

There are only a handful of people who have seen the ups and downs of earning a living online in the past twenty years. Rosalind Gardner is one of those people. Rosalind has been working online since 1997 and now she’s come out with the Super Affiliate Handbook. Today we’re going to be digging into it.

I’m not an affiliate for Rosalind or the Super Affiliate Handbook. I kinda wish I were though… This is a great book for anyone who needs to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to build a website that gets traffic. I’ll show you what I love about her handbook and why it’s a steal for $27.

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Super Affiliate Handbook: Quick Summary


Rosalind has created a 198-page eBook that’s supposed to show you how to make money online with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products and earn a commission if a purchase is made via the special links you’re given.

After going through Rosalind’s handbook it’s clear she knows what she’s talking about. I visited Rosalind’s website ( and it’s up to date. She wrote a post the day before I checked it out so it’s great to see she’s still blogging about running a business online.

This book was designed to help you create a business that’ll get you to the point of earning a full time income from affiliate marketing. I’m afraid I don’t see that happening.

This is a very good book for other reasons, and I’ll explain why in the review below.

Rosalind Still Has Her Finger On The Pulse

Like I said earlier, Rosalind is still very active in the online business community:

super affiliate handbook review

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She’s a regular panelist at affiliate marketing conferences and is well-respected by her peers. This also means she’s likely to keep the Super Affiliate Handbook up to date… Which she has done:

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As you can see, this book was originally written in 2003. When reading through the handbook it’s clear that everything has been updated. Rosalind talks about Pinterest, which was launched in 2010, so it’s clearly been updated since 2003.

Rosalind also updated the handbook less than a month ago, which is great to see.

Now let’s dig into the content itself:

What I Love About The Handbook

Right at beginning of the book Rosalind goes through her “8 Overviews of Building a Business” which I completely agree with:

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These are the basic steps you need to know to build a business that’ll be successful.

If you build your website with WordPress like Rosalind recommends then it would be wise to get your website looking pretty as you go, so I’d flip numbers 4 and 5. Changing “Themes” after you’ve added all your content could lead you to having to make lots of formatting changes.

Rosalind also goes through the things you need to think about when choosing what to promote. Just going with who’s going to give you the biggest commission isn’t a wise move. You should do what’s best for your audience. Thankfully Rosalind agrees:

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If you just promote every product that earns you the most money, you’re not running an ethical business.

People aren’t stupid. It’ll be clear to a lot of people that you’re just after their money and don’t have their best interests at heart. This is one of many reasons why having banner ads and Google AdSense plastered all over your websites is a bad idea. I’m sure you’ve turned your nose up at a website that’s covered with ads that don’t seem related to what you’re reading, so why do it to your site?

Rosalind says there are 20 questions you should ask yourself when picking an affiliate program:

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Answering these questions will help save you from a lot of aches and pains down the road. You’ll be less likely to sign up with a bad affiliate program if you follow Rosalind’s advice.

After this, Rosalind goes through what you’ll need to build a website and then talks about traffic. Getting visitors to your website is vital for any affiliate marketer. If you’re not getting any visitors to your website then you’re not referring anyone to the product you’re trying to promote.

Rosalind gives you 22 different methods for driving traffic to your site and has ordered them by effectiveness:

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Some of the methods on her list are rather questionable. Rosalind says that a car decal is better at driving traffic to your website than happy customers (which Rosalind puts at the end of the list of 22). I completely disagree.

However her first 8 methods are pretty much perfect.

Methods like content marketing which helps with search engine rankings, using social media and even pay-per-click advertising (search engines, Facebook, etc…) are fantastic ways to get massive amounts of traffic.

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Rosalind briefly goes over 9 factors to consider with content marketing to keep Google and the other search engines happy. #6 is very important since Google changed their ranking algorithms:

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Writing for the people who’re going to read your posts is important. Google loves this, and your readers will love it too.

Finally, at the end of the book, Rosalind gives you a fantastic glossary. There are so many acronyms in internet marketing that you’ll wind up with constant headaches trying to understand what people are talking about.. You’ll also find a section titles “22 Mistakes to Avoid” which is awesome:

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This list is what every beginner needs to read. You’ll learn a lot more knowing what not to do than you will knowing what to do. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but when Rosalind gives this bulleted list in the handbook, it really is. Two of my favorites are in the image above.

1) Don’t use free email accounts. Having a Gmail or Hotmail email address as your business email looks really unprofessional. If you have your own website, you have your own email too, so use it.

2) Not having a newsletter or email list. This is the worst mistake anyone can make. Any successful online businessman will tell you their email list is their biggest asset. If your website goes down, you have your list as a backup. If Facebook bans you, you have your list as a backup. You own your list and it’s full of people who WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Don’t make the mistake of not collecting email addresses.

And that’s the handbook! There’s a lot more in here but these are the parts I think are fantastic.

Final Rating: C

This is a great eBook, but I have to give it a ‘C’ because I don’t think it’s going to deliver on the promises Rosalind makes on her sales page. She flashes her bank accounts, making it seem like you’ll be able to earn similar amounts of money if you follow what she’s written in her book.

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That check was dated 2006. I have no doubt that back in 2006 Rosalind’s handbook could have helped you get really close to this figure.

However with all the updates to online business since then, and based on the content in the handbook, I honestly don’t see these sorts of checks being within someone’s reach.

The problem with this handbook is that there aren’t any step-by-step directions explaining how to accomplish the more complex tasks required to succeed in today’s search climate.

This handbook is great for a complete beginner who’s new to affiliate marketing. Rosalind goes through virtually everything related to affiliate marketing on a high level and explains why you should implement them in your business. You’ll have a thorough understanding about affiliate marketing, internet marketing in general, and know the first steps you’d need to take to start your online business.

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Share Your Thoughts

Are you a complete beginner to Affiliate Marketing and have no idea where to begin? Would you spend $27 on an eBook that’ll give you the broad strokes on how everything works?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Rosalind’s Super Affiliate Handbook and about affiliate marketing in general. Pop your comments in the area down below and lets get a conversation going?

Until next time.

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