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What’s Up Ya Aspiring Internet Marketers!

It’s ya boy Danyon Togia back in the StoppingScams hiz-house, and today I’ll be reviewing a product created by Paul Dunstan called Social Traffic Magnet. Paul claims that Social Traffic Magnet can teach you how to make $2,750 per week with less than 10 minutes of work per day. He also claims that this product will teach you how to get super-targeted, ready-to-buy traffic that you can send to your products, affiliate offers, high ticket sales processes, and more! He says that with this product, you won’t need to:

  • spend tons of money on paid traffic,
  • waste your time slaving away on free traffic methods that bring very little results, and
  • have any experience with SEO or backlinking!

Jeepers Creepers! $2,750 per week with less than 10 minutes work per day?! Let’s see if Paul Dunstan can deliver a great internet marketing product to go along with those stout sales claims.

But Before We Jump Into The Review, I Want You To Know Something… This website is dedicated to providing you with real, honest, authentic internet marketing product reviews. We do our best to educate you on the crap-filled sea of internet marketing fluff that there is on the internet that is robbing good-hearted people like yourself of their hard-earned money and precious time. In the process of sifting through these crappy products, we come across a couple of gems, and we happily recommend those products to you as we know that they will help you in quitting the 9-5 and creating a full-time income online.

Social Traffic Magnet Review In A Nutshell

If you haven’t got time to stick around and read the whole review, here’s the summarized version:

Social Traffic Magnet contains some excellent educational information. It also contains a pretty clever, but not quite foolproof, method of traffic generation (which I’ll be discussing in great depth later on in the review).

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Social Traffic Magnet With Only One Upsell

There was only one product on offer after the purchase of Paul Dunstan’s product which was an email list building course followed by a downsell of the same product for a $1 trial.

Social Traffic Magnet Upsell

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Social Traffic Magnet Downsell

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After skipping the upsell and downsell, I was taken to the Social Traffic Magnet membership area where I accessed the training material. The membership area looks a little something like this.

Social Traffic Magnet Membership Area

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I’ll start this review with the best things that I found in Paul Dunstan’s course.

The Good – Social Traffic Magnet Contains Excellent Theory

The main point that I liked about Paul’s training material is that it contains a ton of excellent theory points that are useful for the majority of online business models. One of Paul’s traffic tactics that he advocates is to use viral content and loop your own content into it to make it unique. This provides value in the sense that you’re providing content that’s proven to be entertaining to your audience (otherwise it wouldn’t have gone viral) and simultaneously looping your own message into the viral content to link it back to your business.

Social Traffic Magnet Viral Content 4

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Social Traffic Magnet Viral Content 1

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He says that one of the easiest ways to find viral content is by taking a look a what’s currently trending on Facebook. He also gives an example of how he used the sacking of David Moyes (manager of the soccer/football team Manchester United) to his advantage by creating a post about it and looping it in with one of his business opportunities.

Social Traffic Magnet Viral Content 3

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Social Traffic Magnet Viral Content 2

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Ultimately, Paul has created some great video training with clear concepts to help you understand certain, highly effective internet business fundamentals. He also does a great job of commenting on each of the fundamentals (which he does through voice over) and going in-depth on each fundamental.

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…But How Does It Deliver on Those Sales Claims?

I mentioned at the beginning of this review that Paul Dunstan makes some incredibly strong sales claims on his sales page. How does the product stack up?

Social Traffic Magnet's sales claims

It’s likely going to take a fair amount of trial and error even after studying the course, but it’s not impossible to see the results Paul claims in Social Traffic Magnet. I truly believe that Paul can create weeks like this, but the real question is, can you?

Yes, but don’t expect to achieve it without a lot of experimentation and hard work on your part (which is true of anything in internet marketing). I suspect these are far from average, typical results. But are they possible leveraging the training and tools that Paul gives you? I definitely think so.

It’s What Paul Dunstan Calls “The Tribe Method”

The Tribe Method is Paul Dunstan’s “secret weapon” when it comes to gaining a ton of traffic through social media. I want to respect Paul’s course by not going into too much detail on the Tribe Method here, but I can say that it’s a valid approach to achieving what he claims you’ll achieve.

The Tribe Method is actually pretty ingenious, but expect to put in some work and experimentation if you want to see results. It’s not going to be as simple as dropping an affiliate link into it and raking in the cash. That’s just not a reasonable expectation.

And that’s it for my Social Traffic Magnet Review!

Final Rating: A-

It’s far from a terrible product – it contains several good principles on how to create a successful internet business and The Tribe Method that Paul advocates is actually quite creative. It’s a product that I have absolutely no problem recommending to you. If you study Paul’s methods closely and put in a lot of hard work, you could very reasonably expect to see some delightful results.

For these reasons and more, I strongly recommend the Social Traffic Magnet if the above review resonates with you.

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As always, if you have any questions that you’d like me to answer, just reach out to me and comment below! I’ll do the best that I can to help you out as you’re on your journey of becoming a successful, filthy rich internet marketer. I hope you’re doing well while on this exciting journey of yours.

All the best to ya internet marketing fanatics!

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