MLSP Non-Review: My Response to Their Cease & Desist Letter

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Today I received a cease and desist letter from Coast Law Group, LLP on behalf of Brian Fanale and My Lead System Pro (Upward Enterprises, LLC). I reviewed MLSP negatively earlier this year, pointing out what I believe consumers deserve to know about the product prior to deciding whether or not to purchase it. Here is a complete copy of the cease and desist letter I received (in accordance with Section 3.1 of MLSP’s Membership Agreement this written document was not marked as confidential so it is within my legal rights to disclose it publicly).

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For obvious reasons, I have to be careful about how I proceed with this post about MLSP. I believe you, as a consumer, have the right to research and evaluate other peoples’ opinions prior to purchasing internet marketing products like MLSP. This company clearly did not approve of the information that I published and accused me of breach of contract, copyright infringement, trade libel, and unfair competition.

I will let you draw your own conclusions about the fact that MLSP used time and money to legally notify me that they would pursue “judicial intervention” if my negative reviews of their products were not removed. 

How Many Active Members Receive Commissions?

The absolute most important thing that you should know about MLSP which I covered in my previous review is the percentage of active members they have that do not receive any commissions from the company. This information is listed within MLSP’s Legal Disclaimer, which you can find a link to at the bottom of their website (in accordance with section 4.1 of MLSP’s Membership Agreement, I do not have the rights to hyper-link to this document myself). Pay very close attention to that figure if you are considering purchasing the product.

Why Is MLSP’s Membership Agreement so Far-Reaching?

Before you join MLSP, you are required to agree to a massive legal document which they’ve labeled their “Membership Agreement”, which you can also find linked at the bottom of their sales page. Among other things, this document explicitly prohibits making any negative statements (phrased “derogatory or otherwise disparaging”) about their company or anyone affiliated with the company. This is disclosed in section 3.7 of MLSP’s Membership Agreement.

Think long and hard about why any company would go to such great lengths to limit your free speech and ability to share any potentially negative experiences with others.

They Aren’t Threatening Affiliates Recommending their Product

There are plenty of MLSP affiliates across the internet that are promoting their product through the use of copyrighted images and content, but these website owners are not receiving cease and desist letters demanding that their content be removed.

Using nothing but logic, think about how this affects the number of positive reviews vs. the number of negative reviews you have access to as a consumer trying to make an informed purchase decision.

What Do You Think?

Is it more likely that I as a one-man-team sought to deceitfully misrepresent and damage MLSP’s reputation for my own benefit? Or is it more likely that I was giving an honest, expert opinion about an internet marketing training product that they disapproved of and, in response, used their far-reaching Membership Agreement, time, and money to dispatch a heavy-handed legal notification to persuade me into erasing the content, statistically increasing the ratio of positive to negative reviews you are capable of finding as a consumer?

I will leave it up to you to ascertain the truth from this situation.

Share Your Experiences with MLSP, Just Don’t Say Anything Negative!

Have you had any experiences with MLSP that you’d like to share? I’d really love to hear them, and I’m sure people researching the product are interested in reading them too.

I’m obligated to “take reasonable steps to prevent others from making derogatory or disparaging statements” (in accordance with Section 3.7 of MLSP’s Membership Agreement), which I have interpreted to mean that I am required to tell you to not say anything negative about the product. I will not, however, filter these comments because I believe that free speech is incredibly important and is protected for a reason. With that being said, I’ve legally covered myself by warning you, now say what you want to say!

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