Motion Objects Review: Make Money Using Moving Pics?

Motion Objects Review: Make Money Using Moving Pics?

By Danyon T. | Negative Reviews

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Motion Objects Review

What’s Up Ya Internet Marketing Guys And Gals!

I hope ya’ll are ready for another dose of reality as I hit you with another Stopping Scams review. Today’s review is sprinkled with a few grains of honesty, with a little bit of authenticity drizzled in, topped off with a big ol’ fat dollop of reliability (sounds like the complete opposite of my rebellious days).

I’ll be going through a product called Motion Objects by Niranjan Pradhan & Lucas Adamski. They’ve said that Motion Objects will help you to “start creating profit-pulling videos that stand out from anyone else.” They also say that these fancy little moving pictures will help you boost your sales and conversion rates, save a ton of money on video creation teams, save time when creating videos, and also allow you to take full control over your video content so that you can maximize profits. Lastly, Lucas and Niranjan claim that Motion Objects will help transform your boring videos into money-grabbing machines, and they’ve also included a bunch of bonus material including “4 Easiest ways to start making money on Youtube.”

Let’s see if their product can help you transform your videos to attention-grabbing, money-making videos that can’t help but generate you stacks of cash.

Stopping Scams Isn’t Affiliated With Motion Objects Or Its Creators

The ultimate, super handsome, extremely good looking team here at Stopping Scams are not affiliated with Lucas, Niranjan, or their product. We make sure that the reviews we write are honest, authentic, and have a dash of personality, so it’s not as if though you’re sitting at your computer in your pajamas listening to a lecture given by Microsoft Sam. We never allow a potential commission sway our reviews, and we’ll continue to do our best to educate you on which internet marketing products are worth your time, and which are complete garbage.

With that being said, let’s move into the review.

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Motion Objects Review At A Glance

This one was a bit difficult for me to put my finger on. But ultimately, I reached the decision that for 95% of you, you probably shouldn’t purchase this product. I don’t believe that what makes a successful internet marketing campaign is the amount of moving images on your videos, and even though they do look quite slick and attractive, it’s not going to play a huge part in your journey as a successful internet marketer.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Motion Objects With Too Many Upsells To Count

There was a total of five upsells and down sells that followed the purchase of Motion Objects. They included a bunch of other little gadgets such as more moving pictures, animated characters, and some other things that I couldn’t be bothered spending ten minutes analyzing.

Motion Objects Upsell 1

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Motion Objects Upsell 2

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Motion Objects Upsell 3

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Motion Objects Upsell 4