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What’s Good Ya Internet Marketing Fanatics!

I’m quite excited today – I think this is the second or third product out of the 20+ I’ve reviewed that’s something worth recommending to my Internet Marketing Family! Today, I’ll be going through Penny Clicks Academy created by James Sides, Sam Finlay, and Stephen Gilbert. These fellas have slapped a fancy little, eye-catching headline claiming that “Three Regular Guys Uncover the “Idiot-Proof” Way to  Get Penny Clicks from FB and earn $1k+ in 7 days!” They claim that Penny Clicks Academy will teach you how to get quality traffic for just a few cents that it normally costs. They claim that this method will help you engage a passionate, starving market that will gobble up whatever you have to offer, and will love everything about your brand. Lastly, they claim that they’ll teach you how to take this traffic and leverage it to make massive amounts of money.

Come along a quick I.M. journey with me and let me show you why Penny Clicks Academy is something that’s worth your time and money if you want to learn how to make money online.

Penny Clicks Academy Review Featured Image

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Penny Clicks Academy Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

If you haven’t got time to stick around and check out the whole review, and you just want the “yes-or-no” verdict, here it is:

Penny Clicks Academy is one of the most comprehensive Facebook Ads training that I’ve ever seen. For the content that it’s teaching, it’s extremely valuable, and it’s only $47. They’ll teach you the ins and outs of creating a successful ad campaign even if you’re on a tight budget and have no experience. They don’t go into much detail about how to actually sell a product/service in the course (even though they say that they’ll be updating the content for this overtime), but the Facebook Ads training alone is well worth its weight, and you’ll be missing out on a HUGE traffic opportunity if you don’t decide to buy this product.

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Penny Clicks Academy’s Upsells

There were 3 products on offer after the purchase of Penny Clicks Academy. The first product was a done-for-you advertising campaign template, with some case studies to go along with it. The second was a Facebook Ad creator which, after skipping, they offered the same product at a lower price. Lastly, they offered a mastermind group which will give you access to the top dogs of Penny Clicks Academy.

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Take some time to look at the upsells and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. I’d highly recommend the done-for-you campaigns and the mastermind group (only if you can afford it). This will just make your journey a lot smoother as you’ll have some success and failure stories for you to learn from without you having to experience them, saving you tons of time and money. Plus, the mastermind group will obviously give you access to the geniuses of Penny Clicks Masterminds, which will cut your Facebook Advertising learning curve time.

After skipping the upsells and creating an account, I was taken to a membership site that looks something like this.

Penny Clicks Academy Membership Site

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At this point of the process, I’m pretty skeptical considering the fact that roughly 90% of the products I review are complete garbage. However, once I jumped into the video training, my prejudgements were obliterated with the quality of the training and the strategy that they teach.

James Sides Has Got “It.”

Once you’ve been around an industry for a while, you cultivate a keen sense of awareness for people who talk a bunch of B.S., and people who actually know what they’re doing. As James began teaching the Penny Clicks Advertising method, I came to an understanding that he’s one of these people who actually know what he’s talking about.

First off – the strategy that he promotes is extremely calculated and low-risk. In the first training video, he teaches you to go for the big niches; ones that are financially profitable and will make things a lot easier for you to create a successful online business out of. He then goes through the market research process, taking you to a number of different sites to confirm that the niche that you’ll be entering already has a healthy amount of competition to validate that it’s a profitable market.

Penny Clicks Academy Strategy

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Penny Clicks Academy Strategy 2

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Penny Clicks Academy Strategy 3

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As you get into the meat and potatoes of the course, he takes you by the hand and gives you a “behind the scenes” type look into what his thinking process is as he creates an ad campaign around a validated business idea.

Penny Clicks Academy Behind The Scenes Look

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One of the things I like the most about Penny Clicks Academy is that James isn’t shy to drop some harsh, honest bombs on his viewers. He specifically says things along the lines of “you’re gonna have to work, and if you don’t wanna work, then don’t expect to make any money.” He also blurs out some screenshots every now and then and even says “I’m blurring this out because I don’t want any of you guys or gals scoping my businesses and copying me.” The last drop of honesty he shares is that he HATES the idea of following your passion. He believes that it’s not that following your passion is bad advice, but if you want to make money, you should focus on a profitable market. His example is that he’s passionate about video games, but gamers aren’t as willing to part ways with their money in comparison to some other markets.

Penny Clicks Academy Honest 1

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Penny Clicks Academy Honest 2

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It’s good to see the creator himself mentioning a few flaws – it builds rapport with him, and allows me to believe that he really does want the best for his customers and clients.

The last thing to mention about how great his strategy is is that he recommends you start slow and steady. He says $5 a day is enough to get some ad campaigns going, and from there it’s about testing the results and fine-tweaking the process. I’ve seen other products who recommend you jump straight into advertising, testing with hundreds of dollars, which is completely and utterly stupid; you’re essentially shoving money in the trash can with advertising if you’re not careful.

Lastly – The Section On Making Money Isn’t Too Shabby

I would’ve liked to see a bit more content on how to actually make money by selling a product or service through Facebook Advertising. James Sides does share some information on this, but it’s not really enough for a complete newbie to study and actually implement successfully into his business. With that being said, he still goes breaks down some of the fundamental principles behind making money with Facebook Advertising, and he gives you a little sneak-peak into his process in the market research also.

Penny Clicks Academy Money 1

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Penny Clicks Academy Money 2

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Penny Clicks Academy Money 3

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He also says that he’ll be updating the course and adding more content specifically for making money, so that’s just fine and dandy. And to be honest, there’s nothing stopping you from doing some outside research on making money with Facebook Advertising, finding products to sell and product vendors, so you can always just use your initiative and do some more study outside of this course.

And that’s it!

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Final Rating: A-

For the quality of the video training provided in Penny Clicks Academy, the newbie-friendly and calculated strategy that they advocate, the behind-the-scenes feel to the process of Facebook Advertising, and the affordable cost of the product, I can happily give this an A-. If they went into further detail about the money-making section (which, they most likely will do in the future as the course begins to grow), it’d be even better. But for what they’re offering now which is a strategic way for you to create an income online, this product is definitely something worth your time and money.

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If you have any questions about this product, just send me a comment below! I’ll do the best I can to help you and answer your questions, and I love talking to people and connecting with my loyal readers. I hope yall are having a fine and dandy day; it’s time for me to go to the gym and make some dank gains, followed by completely ruining my exercise session with a large pepperoni pizza.

See ya later internet marketing fanatics!

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