Online Paycheck Formula. A Waste of Megabytes Online?

Is Online Paycheck Formula The Biggest Waste of Megabytes On The Internet?

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

Online Paycheck Formula Review

After the reviewing the last product I thought I had seen the worst. Well, I was wrong. I get it. People want to make money online but can’t they do it without scamming people? Online Paycheck Formula by Peter Parker is another course, product, SCAM… That we are adding to our list today.

I am not an affiliate of the Online Paycheck Formula. Not only am I never going to affiliate myself with a product like this, but I’m offended that someone would bring a product like this the market in an industry I pride myself in being a part of. I try to help people change their lives for the better. This product just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth.

Let’s crack on with the review, and if you’re reading this Peter Parker, I’d love to see you try and defend yourself.

Online Paycheck Formula Overview: A Quick Review

Online Paycheck Formula ReviewThe premise of the Online Paycheck Formula is that you go to “selected” websites to perform “specific tasks” to earn money. Usually these tasks include filling in forms, completing surveys and clicking on specific buttons. All random crap that will not lead you to a decent income online.

If you’ve read any of our reviews on survey sites you’ll see you can earn $0.17 per hour of work. Check out my review of a website called MyView and you’ll see what I mean.

What’s even worse is that once we purchased the course, the members’ area looked eerily familiar…

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What’s That Scoob!? The Bad Guys are Here? Zoiks!

No? Not a fan of Scooby Doo? Alright then, let’s move on.

If you’ve been following you’ll know I just reviewed Really Good Commissions and plunged it into the abyss of pure crap. So when I logged into the members’ area here I did not expect what I saw.

The first page you see is IDENTICAL to that of Really Good Commissions. It has the exact same upsells to the same products!

Online Paycheck Formula Upsells are identical to really good commissions

Click to zoom

As you can see, Step 2 is to claim the same software! Both products also have the same step 1, except Peter calls his the OPX system, and a webinar for step 3 but the traffic software is the one that stood out to me straight away.

These products are completely different but they both recommend a “traffic generating” software which, for the Online Paycheck Formula, you don’t even need!

Not only that but, traffic generating software like this is just pure crap. Stay away from them.

The members’ area is also riddled with advertisements to purchase other random “make money online” products. I absolutely detest this because you’ve just purchased a course. Why is the first thing you see an advert for someone else’s product?

Online paycheck formula ads in members' area

Click to zoom

Come on Peter, and all the other scam artists out there, sort yourself out!

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Sights Set On The Sales Video. Aim. Fire!

I have one good thing to say about the sales video. It’s short but it’s full of so much crap the guy who did the voice over is an oxygen thief.

Precious air was wasted doing the voice over.

My first gripe is the massive “2 Spots Left” over the top of the video.

online paycheck formula sales video

Click to zoom

Not only that but the guy mentions it several times in the video. This is a marketing ploy to imply scarcity and to get people to purchase straight away.

There aren’t 2 left. 

The guy talks about how if you make a dollar online using his method, he makes a dollar. If this is the case why limit it to “20” spots? Surely the more people using his system and earning money means he makes more money.

Phew! I smell bullshit.

Funny how the homepage said 2 spots were left before AND after we purchased his course… Hmm… Anyway.

The big kicker I’ve found with this video (which actually make me laugh so hard I had to show my friend who was at my house at the time) is the guy in the video, who I assume is Peter, says he “only wants to work with beginners and newbies

I wonder why!?

Anyone who has the slightest bit of experience with online marketing knows that what he is selling is complete rubbish.

So I definitely LOL’d at the one.

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If You Want The Full Course, Purchase The Unrelated Upsells…

The most infuriating part of the course I’ve saved for the very end.

Not only is this pure garbage but you don’t even get full access to the course until you’ve purchased the upsells when you first log in. The same one’s I mentioned earlier which have nothing to do with his method!

online paycheck formula locked videos

Click to zoom

What the hell!?

Surely this guy is not being serious.

Is it wrong to want to punch this guy in the face over this? You tell me.

I’m not even going to go on anymore. I believe I’ve made my point and if you’re reading this Peter Parker you better respond before I have the Green Goblin hunt you down.

Please tell me you got that reference. If you didn’t then I must be a geek.

Final Rating: F

I can’t see how this guy values his “course” at $997 and then decides to sell it to people for $49. I wouldn’t even spent $1.37 on this.

Like most of the scams we cover here at they all play on peoples emotions by promising them riches that can be achieved with a few clicks.

I wish it were that easy.

To truly make it online it takes a bit of time and effort. Yes, it’s possible to make money quickly online but not make money easily online.

Thankfully you can get help and we have the solution for you:


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Online Paycheck Formula

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
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Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

My Training

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Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
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So have you tried Online Paycheck Formula? Do you think I’m being too harsh or not harsh enough? I want to know your thoughts and opinions on scams like this promising fortunes but in reality giving people nothing. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!

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