iCloud Commissions Is Definitely Up In The Clouds

iCloud Commissions Is Definitely Up In The Clouds

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

Too many of these scams claim that they’re not scammers. They claim they know the methods “the real gurus” use to make money and they’ll show them to you “if you act now”. Well they can all kiss my ass, and iCloud Commissions is another product that can pucker up.

I’m not an affiliate for iCloud Commissions. This product is embarrassingly terrible. In the video, the publisher claims he’s not like all the other scammers out there. However once I got into the members’ area, he’s probably one of the worst ones I’ve seen.

Let’s get into this.

iCloud Commissions: Quick Summary

icloud commissions logo

iCloud Commissions boast on their sales page about “knowing how the gurus make money” and they’re going to show you.

Most of these scammers put together a crappy product like iCloud Commissions and blast you with “upgrades” and “premium packages” to learn their secrets. The real secret is that they’re making their money selling you the scam, not from the methods they’re teaching.

iCloud Commissions’ method is to use a software that generates “hits” on an affiliate offer you’re promoting.

Did I lose you there? I’m not surprised.

Basically you’re using a software that sends fake visitors to an advert that you’ll get paid X amount of dollars for every 1,000 views it gets.

What’s disgusting about iCloud Commissions is that they make you set up a fake website so it looks like the visitors are real and not coming from software. This isn’t fair for the advertiser who’s having to pay for these fake visitors, is it?

Whoever created this product needs a slap… With a chair… To the face.

Let’s have a look at the members’ area.

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A Side Note – Something That Made Me Chuckle.

One quick note. I have to mention the sales page very quickly.

iCloud Commissions reivew

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The guy says this is a live video and has even put a “live streaming” image in the top left corner. This isn’t live. You can head to the home page as much as you want and you’ll see the same thing over and over again.

If you put your email address into the field on the homepage you’d be sent to a second video. The guy pretends to “validate” your email address to make sure you’re not someone he doesn’t like and claims that “you’re one of the 20 people I’ve limited this course to”.

What!? I literally burst out laughing when the little screen came up saying “validating your email address“. Is this guy serious?!

Plus he’s the most unenthusiastic person I’ve ever seen in a sales video. It looks like someone has killed his cat and he’s decided to sell you iCloud Commissions to take his mind off it.

Anyway, the members’ area.

You Call This a Course?

When I eventually made it past the 5-6 different upsells to “premium packages”, I made it to the members’ area. I expected to see modules, PDFs, videos and a step by step course.

Well I found some of that.

What you’re paying for is a single page of 7 videos that total 18 minutes in length and a bunch of links to things you need to sign up to or purchase.

7 videos… 18 minutes total.

Seriously man!? You’re selling a course of crappy little videos that aren’t even 20 minutes long in total that’s supposed to teach people how the “gurus” are making their mega riches online.

This really is the worst thing I’ve seen.

iCloud Commissions Review

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You’ll see 7 of those and that’s it.  Oh and this:

icloud commissions review

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That’s the entire members’ area.

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Let Me Explain Their Method In Detail

First, you need to purchase a domain and hosting package. Even though you’re not going to be using it to create a website. But for their method you’ll need it. They’ll show you where you can get a package.

Coincidence it’s the exact same company that all the scams I’ve reviewed on StoppingScams.com recommend? I’ll let you judge that one. 

Next you sign up to an autoresponder service so you can collect email addresses. Before you send people to the CPA (cost per acquisition) advert you’ll be collecting their email address so you can email them later.

This is completely pointless and I’ll explain why in a second.

You then have to purchase LeadPages. LeadPages is an awesome piece of software that I love using. It creates beautiful landing pages and optin boxes to collect email addresses.

However, iCloud Commissions wants you to use it to create a legitimate looking optin page so the fake visitors you’ll be sending to these adverts appear to be they’re coming from a real website.

Scammy bastard!

Finally you need to sign up for a free piece of software that generates “hits”, or visits, to a website of your choosing. You can either pay for X number of hits or watch ads to get free hits.

The worse part is that in the training video, the woman says minimize the window so it looks like you’re watching the ads but instead just leave your computer on for several days and you’ll generate loads of free clicks (hits).” She also says “it needs to look like you’re sending organic traffic from your squeeze page (the page you create with LeadPages and host on the website you purchased).

The last thing she says that stuck with me is that you need to “warm up” your account with the software that generates hits. This is because your account can get closed for suspicious activities. What she recommends is that you “only purchase 1000 clicks to start and then pause and un-pause the program every 15 minutes. Later increase by 1,000 clicks after every campaign you run

A complete joke.

Final Rating: F

Can I rate this lower than an ‘F’? Whatever that is, that’s what I really rate iCloud Commissions.

For a guy who says he knows how the gurus make their money online, he’s presented a piece of crap course. I don’t know ANYONE who makes their living online getting fake clicks to a CPA advert (where you need to send 1,000 visitors just to make 0.005 cents) and set it up so that it looks like the clicks are coming from a real website.

I’m sick of this sh*t.

I just want you all to stop getting scammed by crap like this.

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Stop getting fooled by crap like iCloud Commissions and start by putting the right foot forward.

Pour Your Thoughts Onto The Page

What’s going on in your noggin’ right now? What are your thoughts on iCloud Commissions? I’ve made my feelings pretty clear here but I want to know if you’ve been scammed before. Let me know in the comments section below. Also, let me know if you’ve check out the sales video for iCloud Commissions and laughed at the guys lack of enthusiasm too.

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