How to Get a Refund from ClickSure FAST (w/ Screenshots)

How to Get a Refund from ClickSure FAST (w/ Screenshots)

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

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So you gave ClickSure some money for what turned out to be a disappointingly low-quality product and now you want them to give your money back – not a problem! In this post I’m going to give extremely clear, step-by-step instructions on how to get a refund from ClickSure as quickly as possible. I guarantee that you’ll receive a refund if you follow every step below!

How to Get a Refund from ClickSure featured thumbnail

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How to Get a Refund from ClickSure – 5 Extremely Simple Steps

1: Locate the email receipt that ClickSure sent you when you after you completed your purchase. You’re going to need some information from it.

ClickSure's email receipt

Locate ClickSure’s Email Receipt

Open that email and copy your ClickSure Order # by highlighting it within the email, right-clicking it (ctrl+click if you’re on a Mac), and selecting “Copy” (the Order # should be about halfway down the body of the email):

ClickSure receipt purchase details

Copy the Transaction ID from the receipt

Step 2: Lookup Your Order on ClickSure’s Website

After you’ve located your email receipt and copied the Order #, you need to go to ClickSure’s website and click “Order Lookup” from the menu options. That should take you to this screen:

Locating an order on ClickSure's website

Follow the steps in the screenshot above to look up your order (click to zoom)

As the screenshot above explains, you need to input your Transaction ID (your ClickSure Order # from the email) -OR- the email address you used to place your order, the last 4 digits of the credit card you used to make the purchase, and the expiration date of the credit card you used to make the purchase. After you’ve filled out all of the necessary details, click “Lookup Order”.

Step 3: Click the “Request Refund” Button Next to Your Order

Following the steps above should get you to a screen that looks like this, where you need to click “Request Refund” next to your order details.

Details of your order are displayed after you look it up successfully

Click the “Request Refund” button next to your order details

Step 4: Fill Out the Refund Request Details

You’re almost there, just a few more fields to fill out and you’ll have created your refund request.

ClickSure's refund request form

Follow these steps to submit your refund request

As explained in the screenshot above, select the Transaction ID from the dropdown menu, select the Reason from the dropdown menu, give a few details as to why you’re requesting a refund within the text field, and click the green “Submit Message” button at the bottom.

If you’ve followed all of the steps above correctly, you’ll receive a confirmation message that a new support ticket has been created. It will look like this:

A successful refund request support ticket has been opened

Yay! You’ve successfully created a refund request ticket. Unfortunately you’re not done yet…

Step 5: Refuse ClickSure’s Shady Attempts At Keeping Your Money

This is where ClickSure is a lot shadier than other merchants that you might encounter in this industry. Whereas a site like Clickbank will refund your money immediately after you create a support ticket, ClickSure makes you jump through a couple more hoops to give them a better chance of keeping your money. A day after creating the support ticket, I received this email notifying me of a reply:

A reply to my support ticket 24 hours after creation

Support’s initial reply (click to zoom)

At the bottom of that email, there was a link that I could click to respond to the support ticket. You need to click that link and reply to their message.

My reply to ClickSure's support team

I’ve underlined in red the most important component of my reply. You want to make clear to them that you’re not playing around and that you’re at the end of your rope. Don’t be unnecessarily rude, but be firm.

The reason I threaten to dispute the charge is not only because will my financial institution give me a full refund like ClickSure should be doing, but they’ll also charge ClickSure a fee almost double what I paid for this product for having to get them involved. ClickSure DOES NOT want this to happen.

Soon after you send that message you will receive ANOTHER reply from support, this time likely offering you some sort of bonus to deter your refund:

ClickSure offering me some bonuses to not refund

Support’s 2nd reply (click to zoom)

Click the link at the bottom of the message again, and submit another firm reply:

My 2nd reply to support

And finally, after all of this, you will receive an email that confirms your refund has been processed and should be reflected on your credit card statement within the coming days:

Refund confirmation email

Not all vendors on ClickSure give you such a horrible, scammy runaround but in this worst case scenario you just need to be persistent and not take “no” for an answer.

ClickSure Refund Phone Numbers

Unfortunately ClickSure doesn’t have any refund phone numbers and doesn’t process refunds through any other means than the steps I’ve outlined above. The ClickSure refund policy states that the support team will provide refunds at their discretion, but I’ve never followed the steps above when I was dissatisfied with a ClickSure product and NOT had my money returned to my credit card/bank account. They give you a little bit of a runaround, but as long as you’re requesting it within the allotted time using the instructions above you shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting your refund.

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Also, if you got stuck anywhere along the way and have a question, feel free to leave that in a comment below as well! I respond to all comments on this site personally and am happy to help any way that I can.


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