Clickbank University Review: Where the Heck Did It Go?! (Jan. 2021)

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In our original Clickbank University review below, we breakdown the Clickbank-affiliated product that Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan released in 2014. That product was later re-released a couple of years later as “Clickbank University 2.0” but suffered from much of the same shortcomings of the original product: high-level definitions & insights that didn’t leave the buyer with remotely the comprehensive skillset necessary to build a profitable online business.

As of late 2020, Clickbank University has completely fallen off of the map. All references from Clickbank now funnel buyers into a product called “Spark by Clickbank” (which is taught by Clickbank employees, not veteran super affiliates) and all of Justin Atlan’s references to CB University lead to something called “Live Marketing HQ”:

Justin Atlan's "Live Marketing HQ" landing page

Click to zoom

What happened to Clickbank University, why did things change, and how can you join Clickbank University today? I’ll answer each of those questions below…

Where Did Clickbank University Go?

I’ve done a lot of digging trying to figure this out and, truthfully: it appears to have just fallen off of the face of the Earth.

There is no longer any trace of Clickbank University on Clickbank’s website. Even the old Clickbank University 2.0 Facebook page has been completely converted to “Spark by Clickbank” branding, but many years-old posts about Clickbank University and its products remain visible on the page:

Clickbank University's old Facebook page

Old Clickbank University Facebook posts — click to zoom

There is no reference from Adam Horwitz or Justin Atlan that I have found to explain the sudden “divorce,” nor any official announcement of the transition from Clickbank. One just disappears, and the other, better-branded product has cropped up almost everywhere Clickbank University used to be.

Why Did Things Change?

Again, even after quite a lot of internet sleuthing, I have no idea. There’s no real footprint showing where Clickbank University went and no announcement that I’ve seen disclosing or explaining the transition.

My best guess is: it was always a bit strange for a company as “official” as Clickbank to be so closely affiliated with two guys who are, basically, “internet marketing gurus.” They made big sales claims, built sales funnels packed with upsells, and often left any informed consumer feeling pretty disappointed by what was delivered vs. what was promised on sales pages.

It appears Clickbank has opted to go for a more professionally-branded, traditional e-learning platform and cut ties to Horwitz & Atlan, who are nowhere to be found in the new product.

There’s a massive amount of content available in Spark, but you can tell it was outlined and filled with content by people who’ve witnessed affiliate journeys, not built a full-time affiliate business from scratch themselves.

The course’s main instructor is an employee who’s worked for Clickbank for nearly a decade, Kacey Duncan, not an experienced super affiliate.

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Although Duncan leads members through a lot of definitions & helpful high-level concepts, the product still fails to deliver the same way Clickbank University did: it doesn’t contain a universal, step-by-step framework to go from knowing nothing to a profitable website.

At best, it educates members on high-level concepts at the core of a profitable internet business, but doesn’t give you all of the pieces to build one yourself.

Long story short: It’s unclear why things changed, but Clickbank’s shiny & professionally-branded course that’s now in the place where every Clickbank University used to be ultimately fails to deliver in all of the same ways their original course did… it just has prettier packaging now.

How Can You Join Clickbank University Today?

I don’t think you can.

And good riddance if you ask me. I’ve been in this industry for sixteen years and Clickbank University was far from the worst product I’ve seen, but it was also far from the best. It appears Clickbank finally recognized this and has begun moving in a new direction, but unfortunately they appear to be making a ton of the same mistakes they made when partnering with Horwitz & Atlan years ago.

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If you’re looking for more insights into Clickbank University’s shortcomings even though it apparently no longer exists, you can read our original Clickbank University review below.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck on your continued journey ahead — stay safe out there!

Our Original Clickbank University Review

If you haven’t heard of ClickBank and you’ve been researching internet marketing for a while, you must’ve been living under a rock! They’ve come out with their own course by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, ClickBank University, and I managed to get my grubby hands on it.

I am not an affiliate for ClickBank University. I’ll be going through everything that’s in the members’ area and tell you if its worth the price tag they’ve slapped on it.

ClickBank University: Quick Summary

clickbank university

I was quite surprised when I logged into the members’ area. ClickBank has a bit of a reputation in the industry for selling crappy products. They don’t really vet the products being uploaded by vendors. Just look at Ewen Chia for crying out loud!

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Pretty much anyone can create a vendor’s account if you pay the $49.95 application fee. After that you’re free to sell whatever you want if you stick to their terms and services.

A big part of their terms is that you must offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Clickbank approves refund requests like they’re handing out candy at a birthday party, so expect reasonably high refund rates should you decide to sell products on their platform. There are many other requirements, and if you sign up as a vendor you’ll be presented with them in their terms and conditions.

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What They’ve Done Well

First of all, the layout.

ClickBank University Layout

Click to zoom

Everything is neatly laid out from the moment you login to the members’ area and as you can see they have a good range of topics.

What I like the most is the training. If you want to be a vendor selling your own products or an affiliate selling products in their marketplace, Clickbank University’s training library is hard to beat.

Let’s look at the vendor’s training.

Clickbank University Vendor Training

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They break down everything you need to sell your own digital product. Each subject isn’t expounded upon in great detail, but for the price it’s very good.

I’ll break down the pricing at the end of the review. There’s the option of a one-time fee or a monthly fee (edit: when it was closed, Clickbank University 2.0 only offered a monthly membership fee).

Let’s break down the training a little further:

  • Weeks 1 and 2 go through what you could create for your digital products.
  • Week 3 goes through how to set up your sales page for your product and how you can create upsells to get more money. I’m not a fan of upsells unless they’re of high quality.
  • Week 4 and 5 goes through how you get your visitors to become buyers and how to price your product.
  • Week 6 is all about why you should build an email list.
  • Week 7 is about getting your product approved by the marketplace you’re selling it on so you can process payments.
  • Week 8 is how you can partner up with other vendors to increase your sales.

So it’s very thorough!

Now the affiliate training.

ClickBank University Affiliates Training

Click to zoom

This training mainly goes through the importance of building an email list.

Building an email list is important because you can then market to that list. The bigger the list and the more they trust you, the more likely they are to buy when you’re promoting.

There’s a lot more to it than this. But that’s an entirely different topic.

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What’s Inside Each Topic

Each section inside the topics I’ve shown you above comes with a video and an accompanying PDF.

Clickbank University Videos and PDFs

Click to zoom

The videos vary in length form a few minutes up to 20 minutes.

They’re decent. They could go into a lot more detail which would make them outstanding, but I suppose they’ve made them short so you don’t get overwhelmed (building an internet business tends to be overwhelming, though, so by not going into enough detail they’re not setting their customers up for success).

Even though they’re relatively short videos, Adam and Justin have managed to cover the main topics for both vendors and affiliates pretty well. If you’re wanting to become a vendor within Clickbank, they show you the process of what you need to do to get your digital product up on their marketplace and even help you get the first few sales through the door.

If you’re wanting to become an affiliate, their lessons on building an email list will help you to make commissions with whatever product you wish to sell because you can market to that list you’re building.

And for the price tag it’s “okay” training.

So if you’re an experienced online marketer you probably won’t get anything from these videos. If you’re brand new to the online world you’ll find these pretty helpful, but not sufficient to get all of the way to the level of income their sales pages claimed.

There’s live training too:

Clickbank University Live Training

Click to zoom

Each session is recorded so if you don’t make the live event you can watch the recording when you’re ready.

There aren’t a huge number of videos on there but they seem to hold them weekly. The most recent one was 3 days ago, so they’re updated regularly which is good.

The recordings and sessions are only available for those who are on the monthly package.

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The Downsides

There are a couple things I don’t like about ClickBank University.

First, they try and sell you their website builder which is a whopping $297 per year!

ClickBank University CB Builder

Click to zoom

Now that they’ve converted to “Spark,” the upsell here is even pricier — $89 per month.

I wouldn’t purchase this because of the potential limitations. You don’t want to be limited to promoting only ClickBank products.

I would go something with more freedom to promote whatever you want online. If you wanted to sell your own products through a different payment processor, like Gumroad for example, you can. I definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing their website builder.

The second thing I don’t like is that they’ve locked a lot of the content.

ClickBank University Locked Videos

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They’re locked for X amount of days after you signed up, also known as “dripping” the content over time. This is good to make sure you don’t skip steps (and to keep you paying their monthly membership fees), but if you want to binge and go through massive chunks at a time, you can’t.

You’ll have no choice but to wait for the content to unlock.

Not a massive problem for most people but it’s a big pet peeve of mine. I’ve never been a fan of slowly “dripping” content that’s already been paid for. I don’t think it’s fair to the customer and I think it unnecessarily damages momentum.

Final Rating: C+

I’m overall fairly impressed with ClickBank University, but I’m only giving it a C+ rating because of the pricing.

ClickBank University Pricing

Click to zoom

You could originally get the whole course for just $47 which is a crazy price. But look at the blue ticked box.

$47 per month for the live training. I think this is massively overpriced. The live training isn’t that impressive or frequent to ask for the whole price of the course every month.

I think this course is great for the one-time payment of $47 without the live training. It’s not worth the $47 per month for the live training.

In reality, this is probably something that ClickBank should be providing their vendors and affiliates for free. After all, if the training is highly effective, the company will make significantly more money just by creating more successful vendors and affiliates.

Even though the training is pretty good if you’re new to internet marketing, this would be like Aweber, Ebay, WordPress, or any other company charging for their knowledgebase where you’re walked through how to get the most out of your membership and be as successful as possible.

That’s a pretty absurd idea.

The whole thing is a little bit ludicrous as far as I’m concerned — they should be giving this training away so that everyone associated with their company is more successful, therefore making them more money as well. Instead, they’ve turned it into a “profit center” they can use to increase revenues through product sales, benefitting from their name and position in the market.

That’s great for them… not so great for aspiring affiliates.

Alternatively, for no cost at all you can register for one of our 100% free training sessions, which are much more comprehensive, can be used to promote ClickBank products or any other product (even ones you own), and provide higher-quality training from a career super affiliate (not a Clickbank employee).

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So What’s Running Though Your Noggin’?

What do you think of ClickBank University? Did their complete and total disappearance confuse you?

Did you try ClickBank University, or have you given “Spark” a shot? Have you been scammed by other products online?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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