Beware of Publishers Releasing New "Training" Products Often

Beware of Publishers Releasing New “Training” Products Often

By Ian | Internet Marketing Advice

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Yesterday I conducted a review of the most recent product a publisher released, the latest in a string of products he’s published over the last several years. Unfortunately, you see this A LOT in the internet marketing industry, but many people don’t understand what a red flag it is to see a publisher releasing product, after product, after product.

Today I’m going to briefly explain why this is such a bad sign, and why you should avoid publishers that release new “training” products every few months or couple of years.

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Two Types: “New and Improved” and Completely New

George Brown tells everyone that Google Sniper is new and improved about once or twice a year. It never is. He loads it with more outdated crap, and then promotes it as “updated” so that he can drive more sales. The same thing is true for anything you see released as “2.0”, like Mobile Monopoly v2.0.

mobile monopoly v.20

Not only should you avoid any product you see advertised this way, but you should avoid anything you see from their publishers in the future as well.

No legitimate product publisher uses this marketing tactic. Any membership site that updates their information regularly for their members will either do it for free, or offer an ongoing subscription.

Long story short: One-time payment or recurring subscription – possibly good. “New and improved” version of a product you’ve already purchased that’s now trying to get you to buy it again – very, very bad.

Any legitimate product publisher will give this new training to their previous customers without trying to add more money to their bank accounts.

Serial Product Publishers

Something else you see a lot in this industry are serial product publishers. These guys release a new product every few months to keep the money rolling in.

I’ve reviewed a lot of these guys: Anthony Morrison, his brother Adrian, Ewen Chia, Ronnie Montano, and several others. It’s unfortunate, but this is a VERY common technique leveraged by scammy product publishers in this industry.

adrian smiling

How can you not trust the Bieber hair?!

Any legitimate publisher in this industry will care about your success more than they care about adding money to their bank accounts.

If a product publisher sells you their initial product and then tries to hit you with 3-5 upsells before you can ever even make it into the members’ area, they care about making money more than they care about helping you become successful.

If you get into a members’ area and there are tons of affiliate links for tools and products that you “have to buy to be successful”, that publisher cares about making money more than they care about helping you become successful. right-side banner

Ewen Chia’s List of Scams

If a publisher releases a new “training” product every few months or every couple of years that they try to sell to you instead of giving you updated training for the product you’ve already paid for, they care about making money more than they care about helping you.

That’s it, end of story. The guys and gals in this industry that truly want to help you won’t try to suck more money out of you every chance they get. They’ll be honest (even when it seems brutal), they’ll update their training as part of your membership, and they won’t turn you onto a new tool or product every chance they get just to fatten their bottom line.

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Conclusion: If Someone Wants to Help, Their Actions Will Make It Clear

If a publisher wants more money, they’ll try to sell you a bunch of their other stuff or link you to affiliate offers that earn them a commission when you buy. Don’t buy products from publishers that release something new every few months. Don’t buy products that are being marketed as “new and improved” or “updated”.

Anyone with a legitimate reputation that wants to help will provide this information as part of your existing membership. Don’t let them scam you into believing otherwise.

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