Bart’s High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours: Is It gainful?

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Bart’s Promises

Bart wants you to believe that his product, the High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing), will show you how to make money online with zero cost up-front. He says he’ll show you, step-by-step, how to create, print, and publish your physical books completely free of charge as well as how to start selling them on to make yourself some good money. He says you won’t have all the hassles of inventory and shipping to worry about. You only have to lay back and enjoy the sales and the money you make from them, based on his methods. This sounds like a dream, right? Let’s see if it’s for real or another product of smoke and mirrors.


If you lack the time to read the entire review, read this short version: This product is another one of those rare ones that indicate some hope that the Internet Marketing industry has some credibility and integrity left. Bart will sweep you off your feet with his High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing) if you’re looking to make money on Amazon by publishing physical books.

This course will show you how to do it all entirely for free, with the only cost being the amount you invest in the training material. Anyone who is looking to make money online can do it. You don’t even have to be much of a writer to succeed with this. You only have to be able to express your thoughts by correctly combining letters and have some willingness to do a little bit of learning and work. You’ll be amazed how Amazon can easily become your next source of income without much sweating on your part, as I clearly prove within the main body of the review below.

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I Checked Out

Bart promises on his sales page that he won’t bother his customers with upsells or down sells of any sort. True to his words on that sales page, Bart didn’t throw upsells and down sells at me after I checked out – not even one. When that happened, I started looking forward to something really good because in my experience, whenever there’s a barrage of after purchase sales pitches, the product purchased typically turns out to be very crappy.

We’re going to go over Bart’s promises on his sales page one after the other and compare them to the contents of his High Profits Amazon Book in 1-2 Hours (With Virtually Zero Writing) training material.

Publish Physical Books Free

I discovered, to my surprise, that all that talk about showing folks how to create a physical book for listing on Amazon for zero cost wasn’t hype. Bart painstakingly holds the hands of his readers through the processes from PDF to physically published book on Amazon for absolutely no cost. Of course, he occasionally calls attention to paid options, which he clearly states aren’t compulsory for his methods to work.

This is most beneficial to folks who are struggling financially and are looking for opportunities to improve their finances in an inexpensive or totally cost-free way.

Free option

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Free option1

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Make Your Books Visible on Amazon

Bart got a respected fellow publisher, Lila Jade, to contribute. Lila shows readers in a step-by-step manner exactly what to do to get the finished books in front of hungry buyers on Amazon’s platform.

Get your books seen on Amazon A

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Get your books seen on Amazon B

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Get your books seen on Amazon

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Four Book Niches with Little or No Writing Required

Bart’s promise of showing his readers four popular book niches that require little or no writing is what the entire High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing) is about. He and his partners did justice to that subject. It will, in fact amaze you to find out what these book niches are.

Four book niches with little or no writing required A

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Four book niches with little or no writing required

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Lots of Book Ideas in Minutes

He also superbly delivers on his promise of showing his readers how to get hundreds of profitable book ideas in a very short time. He reveals the free tool to do exactly that with. This tool is going to be very familiar when you see it. He only takes it and puts it to use in ways that give rise to several, creative book ideas.

Book ideas

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Creating Great Looking Book Covers

The promise of creating great, professional-looking book covers at no cost is also brilliantly fulfilled by Bart in his High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing) training. Every one of the tools involved is available entirely free of charge. You’ll have to put in the work, though. Actually, going by his approach, you’ll very likely find it more fun than work.

Book covers

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Book covers A

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Book covers B

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Book covers C

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Book coversD

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Reviews for Your Books

He also reveals several ways of getting reviews for your books in order to make more sales and profit within his method. According to him, one of the ways you can get reviews for your book is by asking family and friends to honestly critique your digital literature on Amazon and leave an appropriate star rating. Another way would be to connect with a community of like-minded writers on Facebook and request their objective reviews. Yet another way is to offer to review other authors’ works and have them review yours in return.

How to get reviews

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How to get reviews2

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Things to Skyrocket Your Book Sales

He and his partners also show their readers other legit tricks to get more sales for their books and make more money. One of them is to always give your potential customers a preview-like peek into your book with an Amazon feature known as the “Look Inside” feature. This gets the attention of the prospect and makes them want to see more, which could lead to a purchase in your favor.

Get your books seen on AmazonC

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Getting the Best Keyword Phrases

Bart adequately covers the subject of getting the best keyword phrases from Amazon to showcase your books and grab the eyeballs of potential buyers who are looking for books like yours. He shows you how to use Google to find popularly searched phrases in your niche and build your book around them. Furthermore, Bart provides a link to Amazon’s keyword tips page.


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Listing Books in Two Categories Simultaneously

Bart also reveals how books can be legitimately listed in two categories simultaneously on the sales platform to make you more money. He advises that you choose or coin keywords that are specific to your niche but cut across two or more categories within that niche. That way, your book can rank well in more than one category.

Two Amazon categories

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The Downside

There’s more work to be done than you might have imagined reading that sales page. It’s true that the High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing) training impressively lives up to most of its claims on the sales page, but you’ll still have to put in a decent amount of work.

In fact, in some instances, you’ll be required to write, which is something you’re probably not going to be looking forward to based on the sales page. Within the training material, even the projected 1-2 hours on the sales page, which is also a part of the material’s title, is changed to 2-4 hours, and Bart himself admits that your first book will likely take longer to put together than that projected number of hours. That’s because there’s work to be done. I find that shift in projected hours a bit misleading.

Furthermore, you’ll be required to write a description for your book, which will play a key role in determining whether Amazon smiles on it with high rankings and whether your potential buyers decide to buy it. There’s no provision to cut corners with that. That means, if writing isn’t your thing at all, this isn’t for you because you can’t run away from the requirement to write at least a bit.

Again, owing to human imperfection, there were typos sparsely distributed here and there within the training material.

Take longer

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Final Rating: B

Bart’s High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing) is one of a kind. It has some rare, eye-opening information that can help anyone who is not afraid of doing a bit of writing. You can make some money on Amazon with as little effort as possible by publishing physical books free of charge and earning royalties for as long as such books remain on sale.

Bart and his friends did a good job of holding the hands of their readers through those interesting and revealing processes that possess the potentials to lead to financial gain eventually. This training, unlike any other I’ve seen out there on this subject, completely impressed me except for the few downsides I highlighted above. Even those downsides aren’t really enough to stop anyone who is determined to make money online.

What do you think of the High Profit Amazon Books in 1-2 Hours (with Virtually Zero Writing)? Have you bought it already? Please share your experiences with the community below. Are there questions that weren’t covered in the review that you’d like to ask concerning this product? Please feel free to ask in the comments area.


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