Amazon Profit Sniper is Clearly Ian Ross Attempt to Scam You

Amazon Profit Sniper is Clearly Ian Ross’ Attempt to Scam You

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

Amazon is a global giant that dominates the e-commerce world. Everyone knows who they are but not everyone knows that they have their own affiliate program called Amazon Associates. You can earn 3-10% commission on almost everything sold on the website and people like Ian Ross with his product, Amazon Profit Sniper, abuse peoples’ hope of making these commissions.

I am not an affiliate for Amazon Profit Sniper. Ian Ross should be ashamed of putting his name to a piece of crap like this. I certainly wouldn’t put anything like this on the interweb and then expect you guys to give me money for it!

Shall we put Ian Ross to shame?

I think we should.

Amazon Profit Sniper: Quick Summary


Amazon Profit Sniper is a course by Ian Ross that’s suppose to help you earn life-changing commissions with Amazon. With Amazon Associates, their affiliate program, you can earn 3-10% commission on anything purchased within 24 hours by visitors via your affiliate link. Even if you’re promoting books on your website, If someone goes to Amazon through your affiliate link and they then buy a TV instead of the book you’re promiting, you get a commission for it (even though you’re not promoting TVs).

Sounds pretty damn awesome, doesn’t it? It is.

But will Amazon Profit Sniper help you show you how to make these commissions? I’m afraid not.

Amazon Profit Sniper is a classic scam we see here at that uses a stupid sales video to play on peoples’ emotions. They making big promises and then don’t deliver.

Let’s break down what you get inside the members’ area.

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Out-of-Date Information

Firstly, in the online business world it’s vital to keep information up-to-date because things are constantly changing. It seems like Google changes their search ranking algorithms every other day.

I’m afraid to say Amazon Profit Sniper is extremely out of date. The sales video says it’s currently 2013… So it’s already 2 years out of date.

Amazon Profit Sniper is out dated

Click to zoom

This is all irrelevant because there’s nothing of substance here anyway. There wasn’t any good training to begin with, even if we were still living in a 2013 internet marketing climate. Now let’s look at the members’ area.

What’s Included

Amazon Profits Sniper Members area

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As you can see in the picture above, there isn’t much here, but let’s break it down a bit further.

Amazon Profit Sniper itself is an eBook. Have a wild guess at how big the eBook is. 35 pages? 40 pages? 100 pages?

Nope. 15 pages.

Amazon Profit Sniper is 15 pages

Click to zoom

Everything you’ll ever need to know on how to make commissions from Amazon is within 15 pages, apparently. Ian Ross has scammed you. There is nothing in the eBook that is going to help you make money from Amazon. There’s so much to know about making money as an affiliate marketer (with Amazon or any other merchant) and Ian covers less than 5% of it.

Everything else within the members’ area is upsells to random products. The first being something called “Same Day Profits”.

Amazon Profit Sniper upsell number 1

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When I clicked on the advert (which annoys the hell out of me by the way! I hate adverts for unrelated crap in a members’ area for a product you’ve just purchased) I expected to go to another flashy sales video making ridiculous promises.

I did… But not for Same Day Profits.

Amazon Profit Sniper upsell

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Why the hell am I being sent to a product about binary trading? This has nothing to so with Amazon or affiliate marketing whatsoever.

This is the level Ian Ross has sunk to. Sending you to random products (which must have a high conversion rate) in the hopes that you’re so desperate to succeed online that you’ll buy anything he puts in front of your face.

And this isn’t the only upsell, either.

Another pet peeve here at is traffic generation “software”. Guess what Ian is promoting inside the members’ area? That’s right:

Amazon Traffic Sniper traffic software

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Traffic software will never give you quality traffic that’ll make a different to your business. These are such low quality that all you’ll get out of using them is a high bounce rate.

A popular one among today’s scam artists is “DesktopLightning”. I actually reviewed this a little while ago so check that out if you want an in depth review on why traffic software will never work.

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Not Everything Works… Further Proof Ian Isn’t Keeping Amazon Profit Sniper Up-to-Date

Webinars are also pretty popular and we see them quite a lot in the products we review here. Scam artists use these to convince you to purchase more of their crap. They’ll tell you that you NEED product X to make $1000 in the next 7 days and that you’ll NEED product Y to see results even faster…

Blah blah blah!

They have lots of shady sales tactics in their pockets and I’ve heard just about every one of them.

No surprise that in the member’s area of Amazon Profit Sniper, there’s a button to sign up for a webinar. Most of the products we review have webinar pages that are out of date or have webinar recordings from several years ago.

When I clicked to try registering for the webinar I saw this:

Amazon Profit Sniper webinars

Click to zoom

This is the final nail in the coffin.

This is evidence that Ian Ross has completely abandoned his product, let alone keeping it up to date at all.

If you’ve purchased Amazon Profit Sniper… Go get a refund.

Final Rating: F

How can anyone with a conscious hold their head up high selling a product like this? Ian Ross has thrown together a 15 page book and is trying to pass it off as a method of making money from Amazon.

A 15 page eBook followed by adverts for other products is all you’ll find inside Amazon Profit Sniper. The webinars don’t work, it’s at least 2 years out of date, and the products Ian Ross is trying to push down your throat have nothing to do with Amazon and affiliate marketing.

Unlike Amazon Profit Sniper, our free training actually gives solid, up-to-date training.


Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

Amazon Profit Sniper

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

My Training

Does it deliver?
Is it easy to get help?
Contact the owner?
Step-by-step training?
Easy to follow?
Is the training thorough?
Is the training up-to-date?

All of these “it only takes 10 minutes per day and a few simple click” comments made by the scammers are complete bullsh*t.

Try out our training. It’s completely free. You don’t even have to go through the hassle of getting a refund if you don’t like it since there aren’t any strings attached – our training is 100% free to make sure you don’t get scammed online.

Your Turn To Express Yourself

Have you tried Amazon Profit Sniper and found it helpful? I’m certain the answer is no but I’d love to be proven wrong.

If you have any questions or comments then leave them down below. I want to hear what you think of Ian Ross, his Amazon Profit Sniper, and whether or not you agree with my review.

Take care guys.

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