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How to multiply your ability to detect B.S. 100X so you can block liars, "one-hit wonders," and fake gurus the moment they try to take advantage of you.

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About The Host

"Who The Heck Are You Anyways?"

In a world of bad actors, Ian's aiming to be the "good guy" by unveiling scams and teaching with a track record, not one-time success.

Ian's mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve complete freedom through an internet business.

He is the Amazon best-selling author of "From Nothing" & the founder of Stopping Scams, a consumer protection site putting an end to internet marketing scams.

With 15 years of experience, Ian has been able to create e-commerce stores with six-figure monthly revenues; he's also built a portfolio of successful sites with profits to the tune of $40-$60K per month.

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