Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Value... Only $997/year.

You will never, ever find this much value in a single product — I’m 100% certain of that (mainly because I’ve paid tens of thousands to learn what I’m teaching).

Even if you don’t know exactly when this information will come in handy, I strongly encourage you to lock in this low price while it’s here.

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12 Months. 12 New Sections of Training. 100% Focused on Faster & Better Results. 

Listed below are the new topics I’ll be teaching, along with how much each skill cost me to develop, practice, & master over the years.

My costs have included training, mentorship, and execution. They are not B.S. inflated numbers like most “gurus” list — this is my actual costs to have acquired these skills.

  • Already Available: White Hat Linkbuilding ($500+)
  • Already Available: Video Marketing Made Easy ($1,000+)
  • Already Available: Grey Hat SEO: PBNs done right ($25,000+)
  • Month 1: Conversion Optimization ($5,000+)
  • Month 2: Google Analytics & Search Console Essentials ($99+)
  • Month 3: How to Maximize Revenue of a Site w/ traffic ($1,000+)
  • Month 4: Email Marketing ($1,000+)
  • Month 5: Facebook Ad Basics ($1,000+)
  • Month 6: Advanced Facebook Ads ($50,000+)
  • Month 7: Building Profitable eCom & Dropshipping Stores ($1,000+)
  • Month 8: Creating a Membership Website ($1,000+)
  • Month 9: How to Source Your Own Physical Products ($10,000+)
  • Month 10: How NOT to Launch a Kickstarter ($5,000+)
  • Month 11: How to Get Local Websites Ranked in Google ($1,000+)
  • Month 12: How to Dependably Hire on UpWork ($5,000+)
None of this will be “surface level” theory like many product publishers sell. 
All of this training will contain deep, detailed, actionable tactics you can apply to your business to see the same results I have. 
All training will be delivered live and then uploaded to the members’ area within 48 hours of recording.

365 days PLUS an incentive to stick with the training and succeed…

Guarantee #1: You have up to 365 days (one full year) to tell me I didn’t deliver enough value for your investment, and I’ll refund your purchase.
Guarantee #2: If you show proof of earning your money back following this training, I will reimburse 100% of your first year’s membership dues in exchange for a video testimonial.
Terms of Guarantee #1
You must wait at least 180 days after joining to claim this refund (i.e. you have to give me a chance to deliver the value I’ve promised you).
Refunds are not provided because you didn’t watch the training, you didn’t apply the training, or because you didn’t achieve a certain level of income. 
There are no income guarantees associated with this training, but I WILL deliver the value I’m promising. It’s up to you whether or not you “show up” and use it.
You have up to 365 days to study the training. If you’ve studied the training and don’t feel I’ve delivered enough value for your investment, you must email me at ian@stoppingscams.com and personally tell me that I’ve failed to deliver the value I promised.*
(* You won’t be able to claim this truthfully, but I’ll refund your original purchase if this is what you choose to do.)
Terms of Guarantee #2:
If you (1) send me proof of making your money back by following this training, whether that’s via selling your own physical products, your own digital products, affiliate commissions, or some other form of income…
And (2) you provide a video testimonial for the training…
I will reimburse your original purchase price of this product via PayPal or similar money transfer service.
I offer this guarantee because your success is my #1 priority, and if you follow this training, you WILL succeed.
So here’s your extra “kick in the butt” to stick with it, stay focused on the training, and build a profitable internet business once and for all.
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You're In Good Hands.

Note from Ian: Hey everyone! 

I know buying a product from someone in this industry is scary. That’s why I created FIMP in the first place.

There’s no way you can know this as confidently as I do (because I know what’s planned and in store for you), but believe me…

The level of value you’ll be getting out of this course is unprecedented.

There’s already well over $10,000 in value recorded, uploaded, and waiting for you in the paid IMP members area… and I’m not even halfway done delivering content and value to you.

Even if you have to “stretch” a bit to make this one work, believe me — it’ll be the best investment you ever make in your internet business, hands-down.