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You’ve probably been lied to a lot in this industry, but if you give this course a chance, you’ll find 15+ hours of video training that can:

  • Help you create the online business that everyone else has promised, but failed to deliver.
  • Allow you to build the life of your dreams, as long as you’re willing to work hard.
  • Enable you to provide for yourself and all of your loved ones from the comfort of home.

All of this comes with no strings attachedyou don’t even have to submit your email address

15+ Hours of

Free Internet Marketing Training

Free Internet Marketing Project — Introduction

Intro to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ [5 Min.]

A brief introduction to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ and what to expect as you go through the training here.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 1

Section 1: The ONLY Way Anyone Gets Rich Online [45M]

The difference between successful internet business owners and the mass graves of unsuccessful "wannabes".

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 2

Section 2: Essential Mindset Training for Success [1HR]

Why do so many people fail online while only a handful succeed? Most of it comes down to mindset, which you'll perfect here.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 3

Section 3: Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche [2H 35M]

Picking a niche is hard. Most people find it overwhelming, confusing, and end up totally lost. Not anymore...

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 4

Section 4: “The Foundation” — Building Your Website [3H 30M]

Building a website can be rough, but don't overcomplicate it. Find out exactly what you DO and DON'T have to do in this section.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 5

Section 5: “The Frame” — Lethal Keyword Research [3H]

Keyword research will either be the lifeblood or the downfall of your internet business from the very beginning — the choice is yours.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 6

Section 6: Writing High-Quality Content That Gets Ranked [2H]

"Write high-quality content." You've heard it time and time again, but what does it mean? Study this section to become a pro.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 7

Section 7: How to Promote Your Website and Get Traffic [1H]

So you want more traffic, but you don't know how to get it. Let's fix that — pick from several different options in this section.

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Free Internet Marketing Project - Section 8

Section 8: Now How the Hell Do I Make Money? [45M]

So you know how to get traffic... now what? This section teaches everything you need to know about when & how to monetize.

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FIMP Affiliate Program

Get Paid to Share FIMP!

This is 100% optional! But if you've enjoyed your time here at FIMP, you can get paid cold, hard cash to refer others in your spare time!

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Real Member Testimonials

Danyon T. | Hamilton, New Zealand | YouTube.com/c/danyontogia
Paul G. | Bamsley, England | DiscoverTenkara.com
Gonde L. | Soenderborg, Denmark | PianoPanel.com
Timo K. | Imatra, Finland | OnlineBuilderGuy.com
Isaac P. | Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic | ExitoElectronico.com
Antonis C. | Patras, Greece | BendTheRulez.com
Katerina K. | Patras, Greece | SparkleAndTheCity.com

“Hi, Ian…I just wanted to send you this letter about FIMP and, maybe, it’ll help out some people who really don’t believe what you and FIMP are doing.

To the reader:

Hi, my name is Bryan Toder and I have been on the Internet forever it seems. Like you, I have been looking for a way to create a good income with the Internet, but for some reason, this has always eluded me.

I must have been buying the Internet Marketing (IM) courses for over 15 years and probably spent over $100,000 in (mostly) bad training.

Some of the programs did work, like one that I bought for $1500 where I did make several thousand dollars, but things changed and that ended.

In most IM trainings, usually, the problem is that either the program was unworkable, or it was untrue. Some trainers had a “lucky streak” and made money, but to try to show anyone to reproduce their results is impossible.

Most of the techniques and the way they made money was no longer viable. (That’s why they will sell you their “secrets”!! Because they no longer work. Make sense now?)

That is what most of IM training is like. Promises of fast money and lots of it.

Well, the real world really doesn’t work like that.

A few months ago, I saw another “course” and it looked impressive. He showed his checks and testimonials, etc., etc., etc.

Realize that — at this time — I was quite jaded… so I Googled this guy and a site came up about the “guru” and his courses: StoppingScams.com

The review of that guru gave it a “C” and the reasons were valid. But then, I started looking around the StoppingScams site and saw this FIMP thing, Free Internet Marketing Project.

Okay, here’s another “free” training. *sigh* And, I thought, “Here’s ANOTHER “free” training to waste my TIME and upsell me to ANOTHER “course” that will be full of nonsense!!!”

So, I read and read more. There was an SEO course and the Wealth Affiliate program, but I wasn’t interested in another course, program or anything else to waste my time and money.

I kept reading and reading and signed up to that FIMP thing. To get more email that will disappoint me.


…the email was fascinating. It had some information I never saw, and some “old” stuff that had a real approach that was new to me.

Of course, there’s the Facebook Group that I am sure will be another WASTE of my time.

But, it was remarkable good! The FIMP’s owner and author, Ian, actually answered every single person’s question. (Usually, these Facebook Groups are the blind leading the blind.)

So, I started going through the Free (!) FIMP course. Realize I have seen EVERYTHING. But, FIMP was totally different.

After going past the stuff I already knew (after I still watched it!), I started learning the real stuff. The stuff that the IM “gurus” purposely left out of their expensive “courses”!

In FIMP, Ian put in the information we really need — you and me — to get this IM business working. That is, if we do the work, right?

One thing: Yes, there IS an Upsell. Actually TWO. One is $47 to more training and an Elite Training to have Ian personally help in your mission.

However, Ian will tell you in the beginning — if you are starting out, just do the FREE FIMP training. Period. It’s free, so just use it.

So, my advice to all of you people out there who want to make money in the Internet… stop everything that you are buying, doing, searching for… unsubscribe from all of those “gurus” with their latest-and-greatest “shiny object” course or idea…

…and join FIMP.

Did I mention that it’s FREE..?!

So, that’s my story. I don’t get anything for this. I’m doing this for Ian and the FIMP group because I like them.

So, what’s your next step? Stay where you are and wonder what’s the newest thing to do…

…or just sign up for the free FIMP.

It’s up to you.

— Bryan Toder”

30 thoughts on “Get Paid to Share FIMP!

  1. not right blend of comments your comments on the positive side sound rehearsed i never said a thing ande when you get a honest opinion you have it blocked auto?

    • Nope — there are a couple negative things (mainly that some of my training is a bit longwinded) but this training just doesn’t receive much negative feedback, if any at all. Comments are editorialized to prevent spam, not to censor negative feedback.

      I think you’ll know why the comments are so positive after going through the course.

    • I don’t know what to tell you, other than they’re not! That’s just what happens when you release high-quality training for free that everyone else is charging $2,000+ for.

  2. I am confused. Is this the Amazon Profits guide that was for sale? I know Ian wrote that guide & it is only 15 pages of common knowledge, written in 2013 with webinars that won’t work. Hard to believe his free guide is valuable when guides that stink are sold by same person. Literally not buying it!!!

    • I believe you have me confused with someone else — maybe a different Ian? I’ve never put together a course or a guide for selling on Amazon — it’s one of the VERY few sides of internet marketing I’ve never done business.

      I’m not sure what guide you’re referring to, but I’m 100% confident, based on your description of it, that you’ll find this free course to be considerably more helpful.

  3. Hi Ian,
    Enjoying the course and have already learnt something that seems to be important – to succeed online you have to put the work in! you say. Hmmm – see I’ve been an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher – not much hard work involved. Maybe that’s where I’ve been going wrong. Hard work needed eh? – err – must change my ways :).

    But seriously I’m getting a tremendous lot out of the course, thanks. Does it also help with affiliate marketing?
    Or maybe you have another course on that? Wouldn’t mind actually paying! for it, lol, if it’s as no nonsense as this one.
    All the best and happy travelling :).

    • Hey, Simon! Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you’re finding FIMP to be helpful so far.

      As discussed in Section 1, FIMP applies to all types of internet marketing businesses. Affiliate marketing, very often, is just a form of content marketing where you’re monetizing using other people’s products or services to get commissioned.

      Long story short, everything taught here at FIMP applies directly to affiliate marketing, just like it does to everything else. Affiliate marketing has been my main source of revenue for many years now, and all of the methods taught here are what I used primarily for the first several years to become a super affiliate multiple times over. So it absolutely does apply to affiliate marketing — probably even better than it applies to other forms of monetization.

      I hope that clears things up.

  4. Dear Ian i have purchased hosting and domain from your link and i have emailed you the proof , this is a great training any one can understand and much better than any course out there in the market
    Hashim ashraf

  5. Thanks for the valuable content. It has been worth all the time and effort that I put in it so far. I have been in this industry for a couple years off and on trying to “crack the code”. I have been aware of the majority of the topics you provided but I did learn some things that might be able to help push me over the edge in making a consistent stable income through internet marketing. I appreciate you Ian and everything you have provided so far. Look forward to “what happens next”.

  6. Hi there! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Many thanks

    • Hey, Aliza! Not at all. I would very sincerely appreciate it if you shared it with your Facebook group. It would be very helpful, and we could definitely use the extra exposure. 🙂

  7. Hello, You are my hero, we think alike, except I don’t have a way to express my appreciation and gratitude. Thank You again. I’m 76years old and appreciate what you are doing! Please keep up the excellent work and forget those who lack the necessary understanding of life that you express. My wife and I thank you from the bottom of our heart. I’m a Mystic and believe in “Peace Profound” , Theo

  8. Just out of curiosity. Why did you feel the need to profit from this project at all (with affiliate links)? I mean, if you’re making the amount of money you imply, why couldn’t you just make this whole thing completely no-strings and take a small hit on your tremendous profits? I’m just putting myself in the shoes of making 5 figures a month. If I was so dedicated to getting free info out there without appearing scammy, I would just put it out there expecting nothing back–you know, just paying it forward without conditions.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still think what you’re doing is great, but for a super-skeptical person such as myself the fact that you’re very wealthy, offering completely free info, yet asking viewers to use affiliate links still leaves a hint of sketch. Know what I mean?

    • Hey, dog8food! This project has hard costs. It’s not like this runs itself for free. I have team members that help with this project, and I also have technology costs, automation costs on the back end, that you all don’t see.

      And in addition to that, the cost of taking my time away from my other businesses that I invest to support members here. When I take that time away from my other businesses, it’s not sustainable for me to give it to something that does not return an equal amount of income that my other business would have produced if I put my time there.

      So as passionate as I am about this project, and as much as I want to help people, and that is what the core of this project, I also have to approach it in a way that it isn’t completely illogical and actually damages my other businesses and my household income without seeing any financial return.

      Whether or not that’s an acceptable answer to you is up to you. But regardless, I guarantee you will find a lot of very helpful, high-quality content here that you have never found anyone else in this industry give away for free.

      Anyway around it, best of luck!

  9. This course should be COMPULSORY reading for all aspiring IM’ers. The Social Media section alone will save many people hundreds of hours (and dollars) of wasted time.

  10. This is genuine good stuff here. It’s a big relief from all those ”get rich quick with online marketing” schemes or big mouths that just want to take your money.

    Will support with your affiliate links!

    Good luck everyone, or should I say, WORK HARD AND NEVER GIVE UP

  11. After being sucked into many different make money online hacks. I appreciate and FIMP very useful and I look forward to moving forward to what is next.

  12. Ian:

    I’ve been away from FIMP for a while, after completing all the courses that were available at the time.

    Your material has been extremely helpful to me… and I have to tell you, I really enjoy it when you say something like, “This is a pile of crap and don’t waste your time with it. Do THIS instead!”

    I’m looking forward to being a part of “what happens next.”

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