Source University by Source Wave: It's Not for Everyone

Source University by Source Wave: It’s Not for Everyone

By Ian | Positive Reviews

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Alex Becker recently reached out to me about one of his old products that I reviewed (SEO Zen) and I was convinced that I needed to give his newer SEO training a fresh, honest look. I dug into Source University (affiliate link) and, frankly, was blown away by a lot of it. The difference is night and day between this product and the last one I saw him release.

There are a lot of cautions and caveats, though, and I strongly encourage you to read this entire review to figure out whether or not it’s the product you’re seeking. The training is incredible (probably the best available) for its particular tactics/approach within the SEO world, but whether or not you want to employ those tactics in your own business is an entirely different matter.

So the training in Source University is great, but is it right for you? Read on to find out.

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Source University Overview: Is It for You?

If you’re brand new to internet marketing, have never built a site before, or struggle with building/maintaining a website, this product is most definitely not for you. You’re much better off studying and getting comfortable with the basics, which you can start for free in a program like Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re looking for advanced SEO training and are interested in grey hat/black hat tactics that generate results faster than traditional SEO, Source University kicks the snot out of Wealthy Affiliate when compared side-by-side.

Bottom line: If you’re still pretty new to internet marketing or want to use white hat SEO only, Source University probably isn’t for you. If you want to learn more about private blog networks (PBNs), grey hat SEO, and some black hat SEO that will produce results much faster, I’m not sure there’s a better product out there.

I’ll break down the members’ area extensively and pinpoint what’s great and what’s potentially not-so-great in the review below.

Never built a website before? Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review >>
Ready to try Source University? Sign up for a free 10-day trial (affiliate link) >>

What Alex, Gregory, and Stephen Have Done Well

These guys have executed a lot of things very well. As I’ve mentioned above, it’s not for everyone, but if you’re interested in what they’re teaching I’m not sure you could find training that’s any better than this. Here’s a list of all the things they’ve done right:

Source University training

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A TON of Content: Alex and the guys haven’t skipped out on content here. The main three sections of the members’ area are in the Beginner Classes, Intermediate Classes, and Link Building sections at the top. The videos range in length from five minutes to upwards of 30 minutes, totaling several hours of training overall. They don’t leave any stone unturned, and if you have any questions you can get help from the product creators personally in the Facebook group (more on that later).

Schedule for New Content

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Regular, Consistent Updates: Besides the fact that the above screenshot says “February Schedule” with March dates, the members’ area is updated VERY regularly as I write this review. Regular Q&A sessions and content updates – it’s very impressive.

Explanation of Google Penalties

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Explanations of Google Penalties: The biggest problem with SEO products right now is that they’re not up-to-date and they don’t factor in Google’s latest algorithmic updates, Panda and Penguin. Alex Becker does a great job explaining what they are, why some sites get hit, and how to avoid them.

Very Specific Guidelines

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Easy-to-Follow Guidelines: A lot of training products give you vague guidelines that make it difficult and overwhelming to determine if what you’re doing is right or wrong. Not in Source University – you’re given very explicit instructions on what metrics and niches you need to look out for before proceeding with a project.

Complex Metrics

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Clear Instructions for Competition: SEO competition can be very confusing, but Gregory does a really great job breaking it down to the bare-bones, most essential metrics and giving you clear numbers to look out for when figuring out whether you should enter a certain niche based on competition.

Discouraging outdated linking strategies

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Discourages Outdated Linking Strategies: Make sure to watch all of the videos all of the way through. I actually missed this very important warning the first time. There’s a video that gives a historical understanding of what linking strategies have looked like over the years, but before sharing any of these strategies Alex makes VERY clear that he’s doesn’t recommend them because they’re out-of-date and harmful to your sites.

Source University's Facebook Group

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Extremely Active Facebook Support Group: Probably the most impressive aspect for me personally was the incredibly active Facebook group. Alex Becker and the other guys are extremely active – posting tips and commenting on peoples’ questions – along with fellow members. I’m blown away by how active and helpful this group is.

Seen Enough? Sign up for a free 10-day trial (affiliate link) >>

My Concerns and Cautions About the Product

Lots of Private Blog Network Training

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Heavily Encourages Private Blog Networks (PBNs): PBNs are grey hat SEO, there’s no arguing that, which means they’re at risk of getting punished at some point. You’re intentionally circumventing Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to get rankings faster.

It appears that Google is likely at least a couple of years away from being able to automatically detect and punish PBNs. If you’re careful and conservative in your efforts for now, it doesn’t look like the risk of penalty is very high. Gregory Ortiz and Alex Becker do a great job teaching how to be careful and avoid detection within Source University, so this critical information is covered thoroughly within the members’ area.

I recommend diversifying your portfolio if you’re going to pursue grey hat SEO like PBNs. There is no better training out there regarding PBNs as far as I’ve seen, and again these guys leave no stone unturned when explaining what metrics to watch, how to set one up, etc…

But ALL of the training regarding linking strategies is centered around PBNs, so if you’re not interested in building a private blog network, Source University is most definitely not for you.

Don’t get me wrong, the benefits of mastering PBNs right now are HUGE. There’s a great deal of money to be made using them, and many expert SEOs are using them to produce $100,000+ per month in revenue. I just recommend hedging your bets with some white hat projects when you get the chance, just in case Google catches on faster than any of us expect.

Client SEO Section Intro

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Client SEO Section Isn’t as Comprehensive: It’s clear that Stephen is very successful with client SEO, and he’s done it using PBNs. Although I have no doubt about his level of success, I felt this section could have been a bit more comprehensive and helpful when compared to a lot of the SEO training by Alex and Gregory.

If client SEO is something you’re highly interested in, you might consider checking out Stephen Floyd’s personal product, which I’ve reviewed here.

Instructions for Competition

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Not for Complete Beginners: These are advanced strategies, and if you don’t follow instructions well it can really hurt you. If you’ve never built a website, this program is NOT for you. I can’t emphasize that enough. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate review instead, and revisit Source University in a few months after you’ve gone through and practiced a lot of WA’s training.

Source University training

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Prepare to Be Somewhat Overwhelmed: This isn’t exclusive to Source University. If you’re going to get serious about your internet business, it’s going to take an incredible amount of growth and hard work from your side. There’s extraordinary training within Source University, but there’s A LOT of it.

Prepare to push through stages of feeling extremely overwhelmed, confused, or wanting to give up. Every successful internet marketer has faced these feelings at one point or another (likely multiple times), and the only successful marketers are the people that have pushed through even the toughest walls.

Overall Rating: A- for the Experienced, C for Beginners

Alex Becker, Gregory Ortiz, and Stephen Floyd have put together something really special here. A lot of people in this industry will tell you to avoid PBNs at all costs, which is kind of dumb and very biased, because for now they’re still extremely effective at producing results much faster than traditional SEO.

Just know that if you decide to pursue them, your site could be penalized by Google at some point down the road. It could be next week, or it could be years from now. Until then, there’s a lot of opportunity for people willing to put in the effort to build private blog networks.

I personally only use white hat SEO in my business due to having it hit pretty hard with a Penguin penalty a few years ago. I’d consider diversifying my streams of income using PBNs, but I have some web assets that I would never touch with PBNs just in case a penalty hits them in the not-so-distant future. I’d advise you to do the same – don’t put all of eggs in one basket by ONLY building PBN sites.

But if you’re going to take that route, I’m confident that Source University is the best training you’ll find for building successful PBNs that rank sites quickly and generate results faster than usual. Just know what you’re getting yourself into.

Start Your Free Trial with Source University (affiliate link) >> Get rankings and make money faster by studying these professional tactics

Are You Comfortable Applying Source University’s Training to Your Business?

Let me know your thoughts on all of the above. Would you risk the longevity of your business for quicker results? Do you think Google will ever be able to fully catch up with PBNs, punishing even the most complex networks with 1,000+ sites?

I’d love to hear what you’re thinking after reading all of the above. And of course, don’t hesitate to comment below with any lingering questions. I’ll personally answer them ASAP.

About the Author

I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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Nathaniell March 11, 2015

I wonder if he will ditch this product in favor of a new project after a few years just like SEO Zen.

    Ian March 12, 2015

    Yeah, that was sort of a concern of mine too, but we had several emails back and forth regarding what happened at SEO Zen and I believe he’s sincere in focusing on products that legitimately help people and fulfill their sales claims. Regardless of what he does in the future, Source University, albeit grey hat/black hat tactics, teaches the material very well.

Gonçalo March 18, 2015

Nice review Ian. Alex, Gregory and Stephen are really good SEOs and Source Wave’s training is what got me into SEO. I disagree with you a little bit when it comes to PBNs. Because if you do them right it’s very difficult for Google to distinguish a “PBN” from a “real site”. Most people think of PBNs as a one-page WordPress blog with 10 links to “money sites”. If you do that now you might be okay, but it won’t last (obviously). But if you build a network of “real sites”, there’s really no way to find whether that’s a PBN or not. I think the old way of building these is a terrible strategy, but if you do them right and you invest in them like a real site, with unique and relevant content, social profiles, etc, etc… Google won’t be able to find them. Now, can you still get penalized? Yes. But that is true for whatever strategy you use. If you’re doing SEO you are trying to “game” their algorithm in one way or the other. Just my opinion 🙂

    Ian March 19, 2015

    I see where you’re coming from, but a lot of people said the exact same thing about blog commenting, directories, forum signatures, etc… for YEARS before Google finally found a way to implement an algorithm that accurately penalized them. I think Gregory’s best practices should be followed extremely closely and that the likelihood of being caught by a PBN penalty using his strategies are much, much lower than any other training out there, but eventually all PBN strategies will be obsolete. I think that day may be fairly far off and there’s a lot of money to be made by those willing to study hard and implement these practices carefully in the meantime, but I highly recommend taking some of those profits and creating a white hat strategy that doesn’t attempt to “game” the algorithms at all. If you’re setting meta data accurately and producing incredibly high-value content, there’s nothing their that could be misconstrued as cheating Google, and when the PBN penalties do start rolling out, the internet marketers that stay on top will be the ones that hedged their bets and prepared in advance by reinvesting in white hat sites as well.

    Thanks for the great conversation! Feel free to reply with your thoughts on the above.

      Dennis March 20, 2015

      My tactics for PBN’s are based on the ones taught in source university, only I higher the bar for myself to make it look more natural. I agree that eventually Google will punish most PBN’s, yet its still a long way. I just try to make my pbn’s atleast 3x more natural than ‘most’ pbn’s, so when they start hitting pbn’s really hard I might not get hit till a few updates after these other pbn’s. The time between most pbns and my pbns getting hit is gonna be the time I prepare even more for losing that income stream (even though you should always diversify your income LONG before it become neccessary).

        Ian March 21, 2015

        I think that’s a great idea, Dennis. My understanding is that Gregory Ortiz from Source University does exactly this, even creating social media accounts for most of his PBNs. The low hanging fruit will be hit first by Google (people just halfheartedly throwing together PBNs in order to get results as quickly as possible). Although none of us know for sure, I agree that an algorithm that can penalize PBNs effectively is likely quite a ways out, especially PBNs that don’t really appear to be PBNs on the surface.

      Gonçalo March 28, 2015

      The problem with PBNs is that most people don’t know how to do them. And they will keep penalizing and de-indexing them. I’m not saying that I want lose PBNs, it can happen for sure. The people that invest a lot of money in building their network of sites will win. I don’t like the term PBN because of what people usually associate with it. If you have a site with unique and relevant content, visitors, social pages and social interactions, etc… you’re essentially just building many sites and using some of them as one way to build links. And there are a ton of ways to build links, these can be used to give you a little boost. Blog comments got heavily penalized because people were using exact match anchors and doing mass commenting with tools like GSA. I still use a few blog comments do diversify the link profile, 5-10 comments will not help me rank but it won’t hurt me for sure. But doing 5 comments is completely different from 50,000 like a lot of people used to do (and still do). It’s the same story with article directories and things like that. Ultimately, I think it’s pretty easy for Google to create an algorithm to beat a tool like GSA, but it’s not that easy to beat human work. I don’t want to sound like I think I know everything and that I’m immune to any update, that’s not the point I’m trying to make. All I’m saying is that if people are careful and willing to invest time and money in a good strategy, then they can definitely win. The problem is that a lot of people don’t have the right information and many product creators and sellers are completely transparent with what they do.

        Ian March 30, 2015

        I agree that most don’t know how to do them – I can’t imagine a new internet marketer giving PBNs a shot. It would be a mess! Source University does a really good job making clear that your sites should have valuable, unique content if you want your PBN to do well. I still think Google will target all PBNs at some point down the road and I still think it’s important to hedge your bets, but there’s no arguing that, carefully implemented, PBNs are extremely powerful tools right now.

      Gaurav Agarwal June 12, 2017

      Bro… nothing is static, as we are living in dynamic techno world which is moving faster than expected, so even if you are all white hat nobody guarantees your rankings after 2 years.

      Ranking is like share market and links are like investment vehicles, high risk in smallcap/Midcap and low risk in bluechip/mutual funds.But if the market is busted nothing saves you.

      So preference is altogether personal based on objectives what you desire and as per your risk appetite.

      I learned all SEO from Moz, all whitehat and then jumped to grey/black.(experienced both worlds)

      I have heard to Alex videos before and he is good, delivering pure value.

      Conclusion do not plan for 5-10 years in ranking game no matter white/grey/black, just stick to what is your objective and use the strategy that fits your requirement.

      But kudos… you gave a very fine detailed review.

jose March 31, 2015

I am a member of beckers sourceU and I agree that the training is comprehensive and voluminous. But there is stuff there a newbie can use also. As you mentioned, the forum is very active with all levels of experience participating. Alex, Greg and Stephen are in there daily. You can tell that they care about this product. As to PBNs, I agree that that is right now a big part of their curriculum. But they see what’s coming. Google is going more social signal to try and break their reliance on backlinks. They guys at sourceU see that and are all over it. To reply to Becker abandoning source Zen, sourceU is simply an evolution of Zen. And it’s CHEAPER than Zen was. I’m not a fanboy but in my years in this game I have not seen anyone who overdelivers like source wave.

    Ian April 2, 2015

    I agree completely. They’re doing a great job and providing a ton of value over there at Source U, and I think that pattern will likely continue for at least the next several months, if not (hopefully) years.

Gregory Ortiz March 31, 2015

Hi Ian. Thanks for the review 🙂 Glad to see you like the content. I do however feel that the course is actually GREAT for beginners. When you’re in the FB group, check out the “Success Thread” started by Stephen and you’ll see SO many people who never had any kind of SEO experience making money online now. Appreciate your feedback though! 🙂 -Gregory Ortiz

    Ian April 2, 2015

    Hey Gregory! Thanks a lot for stopping by and leaving a comment, and for everything you do for the students at Source U. I’ve been amazed by some of the success stories I’ve seen and love what you all are doing for people. I completely agree that a beginner SEO could come into the program and do very well – the beginners that I was speaking of in this review are people that have no idea how to build a website (which is my typical website visitor). Thanks for offering up the clarification!

Bizz March 31, 2015

SEO Zen and Source Infinitum are two examples of programs that have been cancelled recently and I hope it doesn’t happen to Source U. The training so far has been nothing short of stellar, especially considering the price. Adding SEO Floyd and Gregory to the mix was a solid move. So far as PBNs go, hopefully it’ll be years before Big-G gets around to effectively targeting the process. Really enjoyed reading your review.

    Ian April 2, 2015

    I didn’t see Infinitum, but I know for a fact SEO Zen was a VERY different product than Source University, which is why Becker shut it down. I agree that what he, Gregory Ortiz, and Stephen Floyd are putting out in Source U right now is the best training the PBN vertical has to offer as far as I’ve seen.

tom May 20, 2015


I tried to sign up using your affiliate link for the free 10 days.

sadly I nixed the idea since they do the whole ‘charge if you forget to cancel’ thing.

I prefer how Wealthy Affiliate does it without requiring credit card details etc. That way a trial is a trial. If the product is good… pay the monthly price. If not then go your way.

much more transparent that way.

    Ian May 20, 2015

    Hey Tom, I know where you’re coming from and can understand that. If you cancel within the 10 days, still, you won’t be charged (Becker runs a very honest and moral company). And I think offering this version of trial is much better than the alternative of having no trial at all, although I agree that even personally I’m much more comfortable with a trial that doesn’t autobill upon running out if I forget to cancel. The SEO training at Source University is much more advanced than the SEO training at WA, and there’s a lot of free info and video lessons at that you don’t even have to create an account for if you still want training but want to avoid the trial. I hope that’s at least somewhat helpful! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

Sunganani July 3, 2015

I am seriously considering joining Source Wave Uni but would like to know how much I should budget for other costs. I am looking to use Youtube. Any pointers?

Thank you for the excellent review

    Ian July 3, 2015

    Hello Sunganani, it can be much more expensive if you buy many other tools (that is up to you), but in the beginning I would say an extra $200-$300 for expenses should be more than enough to get started. I hope that helps!

      Sunganani July 4, 2015

      It does help Ian, thank you so much.

John July 30, 2015

Nice review – thanks for putting it together. I was interested as I come from a PPC background and want to get into SEO. I heard nothing but negative things from the Becker clan? Maybe I am wrong – his free videos seemed ok so I cant really comment but many FB groups I am in say to avoid Becker and source wave?

    Ian July 31, 2015

    No problem, John! It’s a little complicated with Becker. I reviewed one of his older products, SEO Zen, and was completely unimpressed. I tore into the product pretty harshly and gave it a very negative review. He reached out a few months ago and asked me to reconsider, and I asked to see his most recent product (Source U). This product is night and day vs. the old stuff I’d seen from him, and it’s clear he REALLY cares about his members and the training they receive. The ONLY reason anyone would strongly recommend avoiding him these days is because he teaches how to game Google for faster results vs. grinding away on content/promotion for rankings, or because they’re judging him based on his products from a few years ago. His new material is excellent for the price point if it’s what you’re looking to learn, just beware ahead of time that it’s almost all grey hat SEO.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Rich Man August 18, 2015


You say that google will be able to penalize PBN’s in the future, however, you have a website that has links on it – does this make your site a PBN?

In the future the trick will be to have real websites and not PBN’s. If you build a real website and it happens to have a couple links on it, what exactly is Google going to do?

    Ian August 18, 2015

    Hey Rich Man – links do not equal PBNs. PBNs are a very specific type of link network that artificially attempts to build authority in the search engines. Everyday links aren’t harmful to a site at all and, actually, the right types of links from established and authoritative websites are very helpful for your rankings.

John August 27, 2015

While the information in University is decent, if you know nothing, his software is a complete scam.

All his software is crap, has so many bugs that it is unusable or plain doesn’t work at all.

This guy is pretty much a scammer and everybody should stay far away from this guy.

    Ian August 28, 2015

    Hey John, thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion. I’ll be the first to tell people about the shortcomings of Source University (as proven by the review above) and about anything that any publisher in this industry sells, software included. To say Alex Becker is a scammer, though, is pretty extreme.

    A scammer is a criminal that steals a customer’s money and provides absolutely nothing (or something completely useless) in return. I’ve purchased some of Becker’s software, as have some of my internet marketing buddies, and you’re right – they can be fairly buggy early on. I was a beta tester for Source Revive and it was pretty rough at first, but he and his lead developer compensated for that by giving us tons of free extra content, double the minutes we were supposed to receive, and more. In the end, his software has always delivered on its sales claims, for myself and the friends I know that have purchased other software that I didn’t buy personally.

    As far as I can tell, Becker launches things pretty lean. He develops the minimum viable product (MVP) and puts it on the market to find out what features users really want, what bugs there are, and how to improve the software. He and his development crew typically roll out updates and improvements very quickly, and a product that was buggy/lacking practical features the month it launches is HUGELY improved a month later, even better the month after that, and then constantly improved throughout the rest of its lifecycle.

    I would advise anyone that’s not patient enough to put up with a few bugs to avoid Becker’s newly launched products for the first month or two, because they’re still going to be working out some kinks. Your comment is totally valid in that regard. But waiting a month or two after launch before purchasing will almost completely avoid that inconvenience.

    If the software you purchased didn’t work at all, as you’ve mentioned, you should get in touch with his support team and describe the problem. They’ll either get it fixed or give you a refund. I can confidently say from my personal conversations with Becker that he is NOT in this game to keep peoples’ money when the product didn’t deliver what it was supposed to. If a user isn’t utilizing it correctly, that’s one thing, but if the user does everything correctly and the software doesn’t perform, they need to get in touch with the support team. They’ll definitely take care of that user and make sure their issue is resolved.

Hugh September 6, 2015

I liked this review,
thought it was well covered.
I enjoy watching Beckers videos, hes sense of humour matches mine..
He makes it very clear and people with half a brain should make informed decisions.
In this day and age companies go under in 24hours based on negative reviews.. I personally dont believe he wants that..

Even if I spent $1k in his Uni, big deal.. I’ve spent more on hookers and literally got F**^^ED..

Im signing up today and giving it a go ..

    Ian September 8, 2015

    Hahaha! Your candor gave me a good laugh this morning. Thanks a lot for the comment, Hugh – I’m glad you found the review helpful. I also enjoy Becker’s humor a lot and think his overall approach is a breath of fresh air.

Richard September 14, 2015

So I somehow stumbled onto Alex’s youtube videos a couple days ago. Since then, I’ve been watching a ton of videos and taking notes. The prospect of creating a source of passive income… who wouldn’t be interested?! I have never built a website or anything of the sort, but I have a basic idea of how this is done through his video explanations (namecheap, gatorhost, wordpress). I’m 19 and I have around 1,500 dollars that I can spend. My question to you is: what’s the next step you would take if you were in my shoes? I realize that there is work to be done and I am in no way looking for a “get rich quick scheme”. What are the skills and resources that I need in order to build up a solid foundation for SEO work? Sorry for the long post :/

    Ian September 15, 2015

    No apologies necessary, Richard! I love your attitude and it’s great to meet people that are fired up and excited about getting started. If I were starting all over in today’s internet marketing climate, I’d follow what Alex teaches and what Stephen Floyd teaches to start a local SEO company. There’s just no faster way to get started or easier way to make money in internet marketing right now. It can also become very passive in time, which is something all internet marketers are highly interested in. I have a free course on this called L.O.C.A.L. if it’s something that interests you, and if you have any other questions as you continue along, don’t hesitate to ask! I’m happy to help any way that I can.

Edward Mijarez February 17, 2016

It is more important to me that I make money than to simply rank well in the search engines. I don’t have a problem with grey hat techniques or PBN’s if I am earning money. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for going on 7 months and I have made very little money.

    Ian February 17, 2016

    Hey Edward – rankings for valuable terms will always lead to income, unless you’re doing something really illogical on your sales page to kill conversions. If you get the rankings for terms people are searching (particularly if they’re people looking for answers to questions or things to buy to solve their “pain”), you should definitely end up making money.

Phil May 29, 2016

I too am interested in Alex Beckers Source University. It’s 2016 now and this review seems like it’s a year old. Is the info above still good? Is source uni still worth the investment?

    Ian May 30, 2016

    Yes – it’s still the best, low cost introductory course to PBNs that’s on the market. You won’t find this being taught for <$50 anywhere else.

Shane August 6, 2016

What do you think of their new product work horse?

    Ian August 7, 2016

    I haven’t used it personally – it’s just not the kind of tool I choose to use in my internet business.

      James August 23, 2016

      Yes because you aim for long term.

Dome November 4, 2016

It’s 2016 now, can i still use PBN’s for good rankings ? And what would it cost to make a PBN ?

    Ian November 6, 2016

    You should have a budget of at least $500/month if you want to get serious about building effective PBNs. Yes, they still work, but you have to be smarter and more conservative with them than you used to be.

jordan November 10, 2016

After SEO Zen I have a “oh really” look, when it comes to Alex and his “stuff”….once trust is lost it’s very difficult to get it again…you know the old saying….fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, then I’m a damn fool…

    Ian November 12, 2016

    Completely understandable. I reviewed SEO Zen VERY critically a few years ago, and it’s actually how Becker and I got in touch. He told me his new stuff was much better, and I asked for access to verify that claim. Hence how this review was born! Although he’s still a little “liberal” in his sales language, there’s a great deal of potential to the stuff he teaches and it’s MUCH better than SEO Zen.

Paul Tufts November 15, 2016

I have known Alex and Greg for the last couple of years through OMG and can say for sure that these two are absolute SEO Savants when it comes to ranking genius. No scam with Source Uni or Source Wave – just a fantastic place to earn a craft that is pulling me in $20K a month after a couple of years. I thank Alex for being the one to get me started.

Chris April 18, 2017

Hi Ian, I’ve been reading most of your reviews for almost a year now and by far this is the most positive one. And I sincerely thank you for all the reviews you’ve posted. It really benefited me a lot. I’m actually really keen on Source U but have a few things need to clear off.
1st – is it still working in 2017? Next – roughly how many PBN to buy or create in order to be ranked no. 1?

Many Thanks

    Ian April 18, 2017

    Hey Chris! I haven’t had a chance to re-review the program since they upped the price to $1,000. I can’t say for sure that the program will still work in 2017 until I get the chance to do that. I can say with confidence though that the number of PBNs you need varies A LOT from search term to search term and industry to industry. It could be 1, it could be 20. It’s very dependent on how much competition you’re dealing with.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

Austin August 24, 2017

Is Source Wave Uni still a viable option in 2017? If not, what is?

    Ian August 24, 2017

    Hello Austin — I haven’t revisited their product since they raised the price to $1K, so I can’t say for sure, unfortunately.

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